Quick Lingerie Review: Jenna Leigh Malawi Soft Cup Demi Bra and Keyhole Hipster

Jenna Leigh Malawi Soft Cup Demi Bra and Keyhole Hipster

Jenna Leigh Malawi Soft Cup Demi Bra and Keyhole Hipster

This review doesn’t even have my pictures of the garment because it’s only a quick lingerie review. I usually dedicate longer reviews to pieces that I have actually had in my possession for enough time to get a sense of it, but I had to review this Jenna Leigh set because the fit was quite off and I thought I should share that.

I ordered the Malawi set from Gilt a few weeks ago and I just received my package. I will say that the lace and silk were lovely– but then I tried it on. The bra was definitely too small (despite being a 34B) and did something that I have never actually experienced before but is well known by those of you with larger busts: the lace above the bust point was tight, creating an unflattering indent, what I sometimes call “double-boob”. This is especially odd for me because I usually run on the smaller side of 34B, fitting into 34A some of the time– also I am not particularly full on top, so even when I wear bras that are too small, the issues are usually with too little room at the sides. Anyways, this was very annoying and meant there was no way that I could wear this bra. As an added bonus, the panties (I got a size M) were also quite small and I definitely would have preferred a large.

Happily, Gilt Support let me return the set and I feel much happier. I can’t say for sure whether the size would work for an A-cup, so I definitely recommend trying Jenna Leigh before buying. The funny thing is, I actually had tried a Jenna Leigh bra before, which is why I felt confident ordering this– it appears that she does not have consistent sizing among different styles, however.

  1. That is why I always try before I buy. I have had few mail order bras not fit right. The differences in bras label size and actual size can vary a lot, even from the same company.

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