Lingerie Review: Nichole de Carle Westminster Multiway Bra and Thong


I have been dying to get a Nichole de Carle set ever since I first got into lingerie. They have always, however, been a bit outside my budget. As it was, though, I saw a Westminster convertible bra and thong set on Violet’s Knickers that was on sale– in my size! I admit, it was still a bit of a budget stretch, but I attribute my spending to the Cyber Monday fever.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was how luxurious the fabric was. I love the golden silk lining of the bra, I think it makes it all the more  beautiful and luxurious. The cups were also soft fabric, not molded, which is not what I was expecting and a quality I like even more. The beautiful sheen of everything simply cannot be done justice to in a photograph.


The other thing I noticed was how intricate ever piece was, including the thong. I knew I liked the front of the thong, but I didn’t realize how much attention had also been paid to the back, including the three different types of elastic that were making it up. I really, really appreciate that level of detail and it makes me understand why Nichole de Carle has always been out of my price range. I also loved the fabulous texture of the elastic on both the straps and the thong, making this versatile black bra anything but basic.

I was very excited about the convertible aspect of the bra (as well as the fact that it was black) which meant I could wear it with a lot of different tops, especially dark ones that are slightly sheer. One interesting aspect of this bra is that it has hooks at the side instead of the back, which means that it is easy to do up without having to turn your bra all the way around or struggling to move you arms back far enough. That also means that if you’re using the straps, you have to put the bra over your head before snapping it.


I’m going to make it my new rule that I have to wear a lingerie set twice before I review it, because I had two very different experiences. The first day I wore the bra was not quite as easy as I had hoped—the convertible straps kept coming undone on both the front and the back, which meant that partway through the day I had to remove them entirely—thankfully I found that the band was secure enough not to slip down. I also found that the panel of hooks on the left side and the matching boning on the right dug into me as I was sitting all day.

The second time I wore the bra was totally different—I realized that somehow I had gotten the detachable straps mixed up the first time, which is why they kept slipping out. Secondly, I realized I was wearing the bra too low because I had spent so much time fighting with the straps that I hadn’t made sure the underwire was flush under my breasts. This time I also wore the matching thong, which I found extremely comfortable, even though thongs aren’t always my favorite. I got the size small, which I would probably switch up for a medium next time, as I like the way elastic looks a little looser, although it is perfectly comfortable in the size it is. I got the 34B in the bra, which seems like it is good size for me overall in UK brands.


Another thing I am really happy about with Nichole de Carle is that all of their styles are very similar, meaning that you can mix and match between them, which is great for a lingerie collection. I do want to get the matching brief at some point to double the amount of time I can wear Nichole de Carle!

What do you think? Do you have your eye on some Nichole de Carle?

[This set is available from Nichole de Carle here]

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  1. LL, I bought the WestMinster bra, knicker and suspender set, last April. I have the same problems with the bra straps. I thought at first it might be due to my chest size, 32 E (ugh), but since you are having the same problem and are a different size, I would say they have a fitting problem and for the price you pay for this beauty, they need a fix. Otherwise, it’s lovely, gorgeous and well made lingerie, that I would love to buy more of!

  2. I’ve never had much luck with NdC unfortunately… Own quite a few things but absolutely none of it fits well :-/ It’s a shame since so much of it is so gorgeous!

      • The briefs tend to fit very strangely and unflatteringly… Though I guess I can see that in a lot of the product photos anyway. I also have a bodysuit that I couldn’t get to fit even with alterations and a bra that wouldn’t really sit flat. Still gorgeous pieces by themselves though so they can stay firmly in my collection!

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