1. #3 is so spot on! I work as a sales associate at Journelle and my girlfriend definitely takes my amazing lingerie collection for granted.

  2. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7. Me all over. This made me smile in recognition. The last time I met with lingerie bloggers in person we were so excited to talk with other people who knew what we were talking about we started talking REALLY loud about . . . you know, boobs.

  3. Only seven signs??? I came up with five more within five minutes and am curious to see what other symptoms my fellow addicts can point to in describing my disease:

    1. You tell yourself that since you’re returning an item you might as well upgrade it to a more pricy one since it’s already paid for anyway and the difference is really, really miniscule.

    2. You decide to keep the slightly over-sized body suit just so that you can wear it while doing your morning exercise routine.

    3. The band is a little tight but you decide to keep the bra anyway and put up with extenders.

    4. You keep crossing the street for no reason other than getting another glimpse of that gorgeous chemise hanging in the window.

    5. You constantly check the tracking number to make sure you’ll be home once the delivery person arrives.

  4. 2,5,6,7. BUT, instead of having an overflowing lingerie collection, I have a meticulously organized and planned lingerie collection, and I cycle out/sell the bras I’m not crazy about and replace them with more desirable items. Perhaps this is more intense haha.

    another one…

    -try to get other lingerie addicted friends to buy things at the same time as you to split shipping costs.

  5. How about being totally meticulous about keeping your lingerie in good condition so it will last forever, but still telling yourself you need to add new stuff?
    I’m the worst, I’m always coming up with pretty lame excuses to buy more, like “well it’s really a basic expense. It’s totally reasonable to make pretty bras a top priority.”
    I’ve also started a quest. Own a bra and pair of underwear in every color of the rainbow. (Which apparently includes pink, black, two shades of blue and two shades of purple.)

  6. Am I missing something? Because I can’t get to the 7 signs at all. I’ve clicked the picture, but it just takes me to the picture. I mean, I already know I’m addicted to lingerie, but I’d still like to get a more professional opinion. 😉

    • I’m so sorry! There was a problem with the post, but it should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :).

      • Thank you so much! Now let’s see how I compare:

        1. Definitely! Or at least used to until Victoria’s Secret handed down a new decree that the panties had to be folded a new way in the stores. I ended up trying it on my own panty drawer at home. Takes up much less space than just laying them flat, and now everything looks cute and organized.

        4. Yeah, pretty much. I work on an ice show, and the performers often walk around in various states of undress or are in the middle of changing. Thankfully, I know some of them well enough that I can just flat out ask them, “Hey, those panties are so cute. Where did you get them?”

        6. Definitely. But then again, working at a lingerie shop sorta ingrains that into you. But still, I have those awkward moments where most women have no idea what I’m talking about. =P

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