My Quest for a Pretty, Beige T-Shirt Bra (No, It’s Not an Oxymoron)

As I said yesterday, I’ve been on a quest for the perfect beige t-shirt bra. It’s kind of like my lingerie ‘holy grail’– the piece I’m always on the look-out. I’m horribly picky, though, which made the whole experience quite involved. I thought I’d share with you the fruits of those labors, just in case you too have struggled with this issue. Although I’ve acquired one (that I love), I am still in the market for one or two more, as I don’t want to use this one to death now that I no longer have to avoid wearing semi-sheer t-shirts. (I have also included a couple bras that might not strictly be considered “t-shirt” bras– but I get points for trying, right?)

Marlies Dekkers Space Odyssey Balcony Bra, $90

This camel-colored Marlies Dekkers bra is a perfect example of how beige doesn’t have to mean dull. The signature straps above the cups give it just enough style to seem special without making them impractical to wear under anything, which is the main requirement of this kind of basic bra. I can’t say how the coloring would look on me in particular (it might be a touch dark), but the richness of the color also helps make it something that I would be excited to wear.

Myla Naked Peach Bodysilk Padded Plunge, $145

I usually hate shiny bras, but the sheen of the silk on this Myla bra is so luxurious that it doesn’t bother me at all. I also love that the color is really a petal pink. The seaming on the front of the bra might be an issue when it comes to texture, but I do love that kind of shaping detail on cups (which is probably why it’s so hard for me to buy plain molded cups in the first place).

Huit Cupcake Balconette, $79

I was so excited to find this Huit cupcake bra in beige (especially after how much I love the white, strapless version)– it’s got all the cuteness of the ‘cupcake’ scalloping with the practicality of it’s neutral color. My only hesitation for this bra is nipple coverage: the fact that the bra is unlined might make become an issue in it’s capacity as a “go with anything” bra. I know plenty of you don’t worry about nipple coverage, in which case I can’t think of a bra more perfect.

Chantelle Icone T-Shirt Bra, $42 (on sale from $84)

This Chantelle bra might be the most predictable option on this list, but I think it deserves to be here because of the awesome ombre, scalloped lace on the band which reminds me of butterfly wings. I also like the cute little pink bow in the center, because I am the kind of person who likes cute little pink bows. I’m definitely open to giving more Chantelle bras a try after how much I like my new one.

Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Brulee Half Cup Padded Silk Satin Bra, $94.89

This Mimi Holliday bra might be the one that most transgresses the “beige” and “t-shirt” requirements of this blog post. I wouldn’t be able to tell the texture or color until I actually tried it, but consider this one in the ‘hopeful’ category, rather than a sure thing. Will someone try this under a t-shirt for me and tell me how it goes?

Huit Absolument Plunge Push-Up Bra, $74

I’ve been dying to try a bra with this cup shape ever since I saw it on some Ritratti bras. In this Huit bra, I love how they’ve combined it with the little, square bow on the center gore. This may be my favorite on this list because it hits all the right notes: creative without being wacky, restrained without being boring and practical while still being pretty. The only thing that’s holding me back is that I don’t love the matching briefs! Maybe there is another variation that would also go.

Fortnight Mary Jane Long Line Bra, $110

This Fortnight long line bra is another soft cup, but I think it could definitely work as a t-shirt bra. I love the subtle sheen of the polka dot pattern. I haven’t tried this bra on, so I can’t be sure that the seam wouldn’t show through a t-shirt, but it looks smooth enough that I’d give it a try. And the fact that it’s wireless means that it’s just so comfortable.

What do you think? Are these t-shirt bras that think out of the box? Also, if I did another one on pretty brown t-shirt bras (for my readers with darker skin tones) would you like to read that?

  1. These are quite pretty! Great post, by the way. I must admit that I’m not really a beige bra kind of gal, but a few of these designs are making me re-think my choice! I really like the Huit bras and that longline bra from Fortnight, but I don’t believe that they fit sizes DD+. I have a Mimi Holliday set in Kir Royale, which is a beige/peach over black bra and it’s lovely. The matching panty is a pretty peach/beige color too!

    • Yeah, the DD+ market is sadly under-represented in these choices– I do know that Huit makes “full bust bras” (i.e. DD+) but I can’t say if they are in these styles. As is pretty normal for a French company, finding out information online is way more difficult than it should be, regarding styles and sizes.

  2. Thelingerielesbian and Amber, have you seen Calvin Kleins seductive comfort customized lift bra? It’s padded and comes in a nice beige (Dune) and ivory microfiber. Bonus: it comes in DD too :-)

    I have this bra in a darker colour, in DD. I have to admit, I was not that impressed while looking up online but I quickly changed my mind after seeing it in store.

  3. I’m fairly certain that as an American size 40F I’ll be searching for the perfect beige t-shirt bra forever. I’m starting to think it doesn’t exist at least not for less than the amount of a monthly car payment.

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