Want of the Week: Nearer the Moon Spanking Short

Nearer the Moon Spanking Short, £32

This pair of French knickers by Nearer the Moon is positively dreamy. What make it completely irresistable are the number of wonderful details: check out the glittery, detailed lace, the cute little blue bows and the sexy peephole in the back. Although Nearer the Moon is now calling these “French Briefs with Peephole,” I saw them posted on Twitter with the title “Spanking Shorts” which I like even better. For a pair of briefs so glitzy and luxurious, the addition of a little bit of naughtiness just multiplies the fun.

Nearer the Moon

Front and back are lovely, with the sheer lace, the sequins and the cut out. These are definitely special occasion knickers– even if that special occasion is just wearing such gorgeous knickers!

  1. Thanks so much for featuring these. I had to change the name to suit Etsy’s search algorithm but they’ll always be Spanking Shorts to me – much naughtier!

  2. Certainly not a winter-friendly item, though may be generating some heat…
    And spanking, when done right, may be damaging this delicate piece.

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