Hey, Look What I Made: Navy Lace Bodysuit

So, I’ve recently decided that looking at lingerie isn’t enough– I have to make some myself. Now, I have experience with all sorts of crafty things and have always done things with my hands (drawing, painting, knitting, origami, fly-tying, etc.), but sewing with a machine is actually very new to me. (I have done a lot of hand sewing to make doll’s clothes because I’m weird like that). The first thing I made after learning how to use a sewing machine was a dress, which I made last weekend. This is the second thing:

This is my gorgeous masterpiece

It’s clearly not perfect (well, you may not be able to tell in the photo, but my perfectionist self is informing you of that fact), but I’m pretty darn proud of it. The navy blue lace is absolutely gorgeous and I have plenty left to try my hand at a few more pieces. I can’t wait to wear it as a lounge piece! I used this pattern from Ohhh Lulu to make it:

Ohhh Lulu The Ginger Body Suit and Separates PDF Sewing Pattern, $12

The instructions were relatively clear, but I would say they definitely take a bit of experimentation to get right. And I definitely wasn’t used to the trickiness of stretchy fabrics. I also did not do a test garment first because a. I’m impatient and b. I have no extra fabric. I don’t think I messed it up too badly, regardless.

Here you can get a better look at the lace edging– I know the photo doesn’t show the top perfectly

Making this bodysuit was so fun! I have a bunch more designs planned to use up the rest of my jersey and lace. If you enjoyed seeing this one I can share those also– would you be interested?

Do you think you might be motivated to make some of your own lingerie?

  1. Hi girl!
    I’ve just recently got rid of my sewing machine cos I never used it; wish I had’nt. Loks great; I bet it feels great too. What’s your next piece going to be? Love it……

    • I think I’m going for panties next! I may make another version of the bodysuit, we’ll see. I am using my mom’s sewing machine which she hasn’t used since before I was born– luckily my parents never throw anything out :)

  2. This is great, wish I could also make my own lingerie.
    I wonder if after following few patterns and get the hang of it you will be able to come up with your original designs. If so then I’d love to see what your own creations will look like.

  3. I’d love to see more! I wish I could do this but lacking a sewing machine makes it tricky. Plus, I have no clue if there are any patterns in my size (probably not?) so I’d really be starting for scratch. But I would love a decent soft cup bra/sleepwear with built in support so maybe some day I’ll work up the nerve to try it. πŸ˜‰

    • I don’t know what you’re size is, but I there are actually quite a few patterns out there. I think I’m going to make a post showing the resources I’ve found online so there is a little more guidance for others.

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