Lingerie for Men? When White Boxers Don’t Cut It

One of my followers on Twitter said he was interested in seeing some men’s lingerie on the site. Now, as neither a man nor someone who ever sees men in their undergarments, this request was somewhat of a challenge.

I will also make this caveat: although sometimes “lingerie for men” refers to women’s lingerie made to fit men, here I am trying to have a more masculine or androgynous approach for a man who wants to be more daring with his underwear choices rather than anything overtly feminizing. While I certainly don’t think that there is anything wrong with that kind of “men’s lingerie” (far from it!), I thought it would be more interesting to look at innovative options for men who feel jealous of the inventiveness in women’s lingerie without being jealous of their particular styles.

Also, there is definitely nothing that says that women who prefer a more androgynous style couldn’t try these! Think of this as somewhat of a follow up to my post on androgynous lingerie.

Zana Bayne Snake Harness, $210

This Zana Bayne harness is really just so beautiful and interesting. In this editorial image, the harness is worn as outerwear, but I think you can still get a sense of how it operates as underwear. Although the way the harness wraps around the waist is traditionally seen as a way to emphasize a feminine hourglass shape, here it seems to highlight his muscled physique.

Paul Smith Underwear – Bicycle Print Trunks $75.00

Paul Smith is actually rather an innovator when it comes to men’s underwear and I think these trunks live up to his inventive reputation. I like the muted blue of the background because it adds a seriousness and a sexiness to a pair of boxers that might otherwise seems entirely humorous (why is it that bicycles always seem so silly?).

N2N Performance X Jock , $24

The blue stripes on this jock are nice and jazzy– I love stripes! I see these as the male version of “ouvert” knickers.

Modus Vivendi Jean Brief Black, $38

These briefs have a fun corset element. I love the lace up front and the gray denim fabric is nice and low key in contrast.

Zana Bayne Pendant Harness $175

I had to include another Zana Bayne harness because they are so amazing. Although you can’t wear this under anything, it can definitely be worn as a “lingerie” piece.

I have to say, when researching this article I saw more semi-naked men + penises I have probably ever seen in my life. Not my favorite assignment, guys! Next time I’ll leave it to any of you who properly enjoy the male physique :). This article was so hard for me because I usually pick pieces and make choices according to my taste and I just don’t know how my taste translates into this situation.

What do you all think of my picks?

  1. First, thank you so much for being so open minded and willing to challenge yourself and tackle an issue you have no interest on a personal level.
    As for the pieces themselves, the two that have somewhat of a chance with me are the Paul Smith Bicycle Print Trunks and the Modus Vivendi Jean Brief.

    Being a bi-gender person, one who toggles between male and female identity, I’m very much into the feminine styles when it comes to lingerie and my entire collection consists of items designed for women. As me and others in a similar situation have learned over the years much of women clothing, lingerie included, can fit very nicely on part-time-women-wanna-bees biological-men.

    Hope this subject is not a major turn off to anyone. And if there is an interest in learning why is it that some men like lingerie so much, to the extent that they’re actually enjoy wearing it and also know a thing or two about the subject, than I’ll be glad to try and answer this question provided it is approved by the very thoughtful blog owner. This can be part of the Oktoberfest LGBT history or at any other time. Thanks for reading!

    • Thank you so much for your input! I really appreciate your perspective and I try to make everyone feel welcome and take on new challenges :)

  2. I’m happy to see that more and more people are starting to see that Lingerie is not only for women. HommeMystere also has a great line of Lingerie specifically designed for men.

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