The 10 Lingerie Pieces on My Fantasy Birthday Wishlist

The amazing thing about looking forward to birthdays is that they always feel as if something a little bit magical could happen. For one day everyone is obligated to be nice to you and make you feel special, which does wonders for the self esteem. And then you have presents to comfort you on all the days following when you have to get used to the idea that it’s another 364 (or even 365!) days until your next one. For someone with such a voracious appetite for lingerie, narrowing down this list was hard!

So here is the fantasy lingerie wishlist (that I wish my fairy godmother would make magically appear for me):

Sockbox Divine Judy Bodysuit $326

It’s really hard to pick just one of the Sockbox bodysuits, but even one is a bit out of my price range. I love the sexy sheer back combined with the suspenders. I’ve really been on a bodysuit kick lately and this is so simple and so chic. I have some great pencil skirts I would love to wear with that.

Claudette Dessous Sucre Bra $58

I have been so in love with Claudette ever since they launched and I have yet to get a bra from them! This is my favorite color of the collection so I would definitely love to wear this neon everywhere.

MICHI Black Bionic Bra $95

This is only one of the designs from activewear company MICHI that I adore. I really haven’t seen any sports bra this fashion forward and stylish anywhere. I love the mesh and the unusual neckline.

Mimi Holliday

This Mimi Holliday set is just adorable! The pink and the spots are a darling combination and Mimi Holliday is a brand I have been eyeing for a while now.

Kriss Soonik Kristel Monarch with sleeves, €99

I already have one Kriss Soonik suspender top, but I love the neckline on this one. Such a perfect winter piece.

Lalilouche Georgie Bra and Ouvert Knickers

I have wanted this set for the longest time. I love the front opening bra (it’s got a sweet corset tie back) and the ouvert knickers are both pretty and sexy.

Myla Isabella Balconette Bra

This pistachio color is perfection. For some reason it reminds me of an old fashioned fifties malt shop, which just makes me love it more.

Fraulein Kink Blindfold

I think the eyelash trompe l’oeil on this blindfold makes it very clever. I love that it’s clearly very sexy, but also stylish and a little sassy.

Dottie’s Delights Millie Bra, Knickers and Garter Belt

Choosing which set from Dottie’s Delights was my favorite was a real issue! I love everything they have. I just wore out my favorite black set though, so this seems like a perfect replacement.

So, what is your favorite piece from my wishlist? Do you think I made good choices?

  1. My two favorites are the Socksbox bodysuit because of its very unique yet functional design, and the Dottie’s Delights set which certainly has a retro feel to it but with a very modern, airy touch.

  2. Absolutely drooling over the Sockbox Divine Judy Bodysuit! The peep derrière line is divine, & my hubs would go absolutely nuts if he saw this! So totally also want the Fraulein Kink Blindfold, I mean come on! How freaking cute yet sexy is that blindfold! Awesome picks!

  3. You should know I saw the Claudette Sucre Bra on ASOS on sale! It was around 30 dollars, so you better get on that!

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