Around the Lingerie Blogosphere 9/1 – 9/7

I read so many great lingerie articles this week, I just knew I had to share. Get ready for a weekly column where I’ll call out the posts (related to lingerie) that I found most interesting and informative. These are my favorite lingerie posts of the week, with a few sentences about why I liked them so much:

Auf Wiedersehn, Wundervoll

It’s rare to hear such an unflinching account of the difficulties of the lingerie business and it’s one I’m definitely going to bookmark to come back to.  You never want to be that person who poo-poos someone’s desire to create, but sometimes your dream of having your own lingerie line just doesn’t work out, no matter how well it seems to be doing from seeing the press and the well-respected stockists. Laurie van Jonsson, author of How to Become a Lingerie Designer, wrote a similar piece in July which you should also read if you haven’t (she has a slightly different point of view).

At a Snail’s Pace: Starting the Lingerie Brand ‘Karolina Laskowska

This article on The Lingerie Addict is a lot more encouraging. I’ve been following Karolina Laskowska for a while and it’s great to read how she’s going to start her own line!

Busty Girl Comics: Naked Truth

A perfect illustration to go with my Nude is Not Beige piece.

Intimate Apparel 101

This is a post about what the intimate apparel seasons really mean from miss underpinnings. So useful for those for anyone who is just learning how the lingerie industry works.
I hope you enjoy these posts! And if any of you read anything amazing that you think I was remiss in excluding, leave a link in the comments.