Trend of the Week: Leather Lingerie

Leather and lingerie is such an interesting combination, because it can be both have both a luxe feel and bondage elements. This theme was suggested to me by commenter Ms. Jamie Jinx on my article about Agent Provocateur and I absolutely loved the idea. Traditional lingerie tends to favor the delicate fabrics such as lace and silk as undergarments, while the BDSM community has embraced leather as an essential component. The recent flowering of BDSM-inspired lingerie (which has absolutely nothing to do with “Fifty Shades of Grey”), coupled with the interest in lingerie as outerwear has made this a perfect moment to look at gorgeous examples of the trend of leather lingerie.

FYI by Dani Read Dietrich Bra, $122

I love this FYI by Dani Read bra, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Plus the styling in this photo is perfect. This is actually the first piece I thought of when I thought about leather lingerie– it really revels in the luxe leather texture, while also playing into leather’s BDSM associations.

Bordelle Bow Leather Nipple Pasties, £55

These Bordelle leather nipple pasties are absolutely adorable! The red bows are so sweet and playful and a little provocative. This is a fun, tiny touch of leather.

Fraulein Kink Patent Leather Kitten Playsuit, €269

This patent leather bodysuit from Fraulein Kink is absolutely stunning. The delicate chains and thin leather straps belie this playsuit’s bondage purpose while making clear that this is a piece all about “playtime”.

ASOS REVIVE Leather Bra, $51.09 (reduced from $102.18)

This sporty leather bra from ASOS is so cute. It definitely should have gone on my androgynous lingerie list, because it definitely has a sporty, boyish charm. And those shoulder buckles are awesome.

La Perla Jean Paul Gaultier Cuir et Dentelle

La Perla + Jean Paule Gaultier Leather and Lace Corset

The La Perla and Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration is one of my favorite things in lingerie. Unfortunately, it seems hard to get hold of any of the pieces in the US, even if I had the enormous amounts of money it would take to acquire one. This delicate leather and lace corset is my absolute favorite– I love the contrast of the materials and the way that leather is used in a way that is totally unlike its usual applications. Laser cutting is definitely an awesome new technology and I would love to see it more often used in lingerie as it gets more widespread/ less expensive. I think of all the pieces on this list, this would be the one I would most like to have in my collection, because of it’s frilly femininity and the unusual use of leather.

So, how do you feel about lingerie and leather? A perfect combination? Or have I missed some completely gorgeous leather lingerie pieces?

[Edited to reflect that the Fraulein Kink playsuit is NOT part of the collaboration with Lascivious. You can find those pieces here.]

  1. That corset is divine! I really love the ‘non-traditional-leather-use’ aspect of it. I also think that leather might be somewhat practical, as it doesn’t stretch or wear the same way that more delicate fabrics tend to.

    • It’s really one of the most inventive pieces I’ve seen recently– and the idea of increased practicality definitely makes sense. I do hope I get to see this piece in the flesh at some point, to get a proper look at it, but who knows! Thanks so much for your comment :).

  2. The leather and lace corset is indeed fabulous. I always keep my eyes on the fetish/gothic stores here in town (Berlin) and if you’re lucky you sometimes get exciting stuff at reasonable prices. I especially love the combination of leather with lace and other fabrics. Some of it’s very useful for daily wear, too…

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