We Found Panties in a Hopeless Place

This is the first post in a column I’m going to call “Scanties Soundtrack”. Basically, I think dancing around in your underwear and singing at the top of your lungs (in my case, woefully out of tune) is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Therefore, every week I’m going to offer a song + appropriate lingerie pairing because I think it’s fun.

For my first week, it was difficult to decide what artist to pick– there are just too many! But then happily my iTunes picked for me: Rihanna. At first I thought I should do S&M, but then I thought it was maybe a little too obvious (if you still think it’s a good one to pair, let me know in the comments). And really, shouldn’t my first choice be a little… lighter?

Rihanna’s songs just ask for an off tune rendition in your bedroom

So, I chose Rihanna’s “We Found Love” ft. Calvin Harris. It’s such a happy, dancy, hopeful song that it seemed an obvious choice. So, when I spotted this Zinke set, it felt so fitting:

Isn't this perfect for singing in your undies?

Doesn’t this make you think of yellow diamonds?

I also think this color would go marvelously with Rihanna’s skintone (if she chose to follow my advice). And the sunglasses are an excellent touch. Plus, silk is really so pretty when it moves, it would a shame NOT to dance around in it. So go, listen, and enjoy:

Any other song/lingerie pairings you want to see? Give me either a song or a piece of lingerie and I’ll try and face the challenge.

  1. Maybe you can cater to us older folks by pairing a hot magenta set to the tune of Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze”. A lighter shade of red may go well with “Strawberry Fields” (delightfully designed by Stella M.), and a black one to go with Frank Zappa’s “Black Napkins” bluesy guitar solo. Few years later he came with another guitar solo titled “Pink Napkins”, which may inspire yet another post.
    And speaking of… looks like I’m getting the blue square for this comment. Wish I had the pink one just like last time… No modernist poetry here, or maybe…

    As I typed my email the blue square turned to pink, yeahhhhh

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