Lingerie Trend of the Week: Seeing Stars

The thing about a trend is, once you start seeing it one place, you start seeing it everywhere! It was like that with stars on lingerie. I was inspired to write this blogpost when I spotted this Princesse Tam-Tam bra on Asos:

How cute are the stars?

Princesse Tam Tam Swing Lace Bandeau Bra, $43.08 (on sale from $72.91)

It’s really a piece that seems pretty simple at first, but gets so much more interesting and beautiful the more you look at the details and the sweet little star lace. And that started me on a path of thinking about stars in lingerie and the myriad ways they can appear.

A slightly more abstract take

the stars, the moon bralette by madebygypsy, $34

This bralette lets you see the twinkling lights of the stars at night. It kind of makes me want to frolic on the beach in the starlight. I love finding lingerie on Etsy because it is so often something I had never thought of.

More adorable stars

Flocked Star Ruffle Bikini, $8

This panty from Urban Outfitters is very sweet with its little ruffle. The tiny, unexpectedly black stars just add a sprinkle of interest.

These stars are far from shy:

Go bold or go home

Starry Night Black Romper with White Stars by knickerocker, $45

These stars are not a subtle glimmer, but a bold statement. These stars seem fun, playful and roly-poly.

Stars are also ways that we can travel way, way out to the galaxy level just like this final bra from Dirty Pretty Things that I’ve loved for a while:

A bra that actually seems out of this world

Dirty Pretty Things Stella Printed Padded Balcony Bra, $78.71 (down from $157.42)

So, are you going to be wearing stars on your lingerie? I think the theme is quite lovely and I’d love to see some more starry sleepwear.

  1. Interesting how star-decorated lingerie can be interpreted from dreamy, soft and romantic, to 80s, spacey and intergalactic.

    I like the Etsy picture, though not necessarily the product. Those Etsy vendors put a lot of effort in “merchandising” aka photos for their products (though I think sometimes it’s a little distracting. Perhaps, they should consider sellings prints of their product photos, to make what obviously is a laborious project worth it.)

  2. I completely agree– I do find the photos on etsy to be a huge factor in the attractiveness of the product. When it comes to lingerie, I do find that an actual person modelling the product makes a hug difference in whether I consider buying it.

    • Agree again. The model does make a big difference to me too. It helps me imagine if something’s my style. But sometimes, heavily stylized pictures make me second guess myself if I like the picture or the product.

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