Lingerie Review: White Huit Cupcake Set

I want to start out by saying that this lingerie set made me unreasonably happy even before I had bought it. So there were high expectations.

Why? Because it checked so many boxes: Practical color? yes. Strapless? yup. A style that I had been coveting for approximately a year? OMG YES.

White Huit Cupcake Set

White Huit Cupcake Set: My new best friend

I had been dying to get my hands on some of the Huit Cupcake collection ever since I saw the black and violet colorways last year. My favorite was the full cup bra, but that didn’t come in 34A (a tragedy of many French brands). The strapless bra did come a close second however. But at full price and in black or violet I couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge. I also read a negative review of it which convinced me that not buying it (despite the perfect, adorable scalloping) was a wise idea.

Then this summer comes around and I’m browsing at the Lille Boutique sale (online of course) and I spot the Huit Cupcake set on sale and in colors I’d never seen before. AND (in the case of the white one) in my size. Hallelujah. All of this is to say, I was excited.

White Huit Cupcake Bra

Look at the beautiful subtle scalloping detail!

Now to the rating:

Price: $62 (On major sale from Lille Boutique down from ~$120)

Pros: This is seriously one of the best lingerie purchases I have ever made. The fit is perfect and the style is adorable. It’s also made from a material that’s lovely and smooth and cool to the touch, which means it is perfect for summer’s sometimes sweltering temperatures. It also has straps that detach, but I haven’t tried it with them. The highest compliment of all? I forgot I was wearing it until  it was time to take my clothes off again.

Cons: None? That I don’t have more of these bras?

Was it worth it? Absolutely! I *might* even think about buying other Huit bras not on sale, which is a big step for me.

Would I buy from them again? Yes! I bought a Huit bra a few years ago that I loved, but I kind of forgot about them for a while. I’m keeping them on the radar. And Lille Boutique had a good website/fast shipping, etc. Zero complaints.

So, do any of you guys like Huit? Have you had good/bad experiences?

  1. I like this post; I hope your blog continues in this direction. I don’t have any experience with either Huit or Lille, except to say that browsing through Lille Boutique’s website can be hard sometimes because of the background. It’s pretty in a fading charming vintage way, but not really conducive to online browsing.

  2. Adorable! I haven’t tried Huit, though that bra is amazingly chic. I’m a bit busty so personally I’d like to know about bounce and cleavage and such, but I’m sure it would be just as comfortable in a bigger size. Thanks for the review! <3

    • You’re welcome! It’s hard to get a proper review on a bra because everyone’s body is different– My comments are probably best for the mini-chested like myself because I don’t even think about bounce/cleavage/support issues. They’ll be plenty more reviews that will be applicable too I hope, so come back :).

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