The Lingerie Lesbian: Introduction

Welcome to the Lingerie Lesbian blog!

Myla Nichole Basque

One of my first ever lingerie purchases, and still one of my most expensive: the Myla Nicole Basque.

You may have come here from my tumblr (which is about to have it’s first birthday!) or my newly created twitter account or maybe you just happened by here. I’m glad to have you.

About me: I’m 22, I’m a native New Yorker, I just graduated from college and I work in PR. I’m also gay and I have a girlfriend whom I love very much. One reason I chose this title for my blog because I felt like the lingerie world was rather overwhelmingly hetero- focused. I’ll give you tips on how to wear lingerie for your significant other NOT your boyfriend or girlfriend. The other reason is that I am unabashedly girly– the classic “lipstick lesbian,” except that I prefer lingerie to lipstick.

The most important thing to know about me is that I really adore lingerie– talking about it, looking at it, wearing it, thinking about it. My liking of lingerie sprang up when I was still in high school, but my obsession really started a year ago when I started my tumblr. I’ve learned a lot about lingerie in the past year, but there is definitely more to know and I’m always keen to learn.

I love to discover new designers and hear everyone’s stories about why they care about bras and panties as much as I do. I really welcome any and all comments, discussion, etc. Also, if I say anything offensive, problematic or just plain wrong, let me know. I never would want to make anyone feel excluded.

What would you like to see on this blog? Write it in a comment.

  1. Hei there, I’m glad you’ve got a blog now!
    I wish you all the best for your new page, have fun blogging and keep on sharing those awesome pics with us :)

    xoxo denocte

  2. Yey! Finally I can read about those femininity and sexuality rants you said you were gonna. This might be weird, but since you asked, the other thing I’d like to see on this blog is how you build your lingerie collection. I’m just starting my own myself and it’d fun and helpful to see the thought process behind one person’s collection

    • I will definitely do them! I felt for sure no one wanted to read those rants… I have one stewing right now! Thanks so much for commenting. I will definitely do a post (or maybe a few) about how I have built (and am building) my lingerie collection. And maybe a post about what I’m looking to add.

  3. First, congratulations on starting this blog. I discovered lingerie in an early age and still find it fascinating. It is great to see other people are just enthusiastic about the subject as I am!

    I would also like to applaud your courage and honesty, being upfront about who you are and seemingly very comfortable with it. I think lingerie appreciation goes way beyond the usual stereotypes of sexual orientations and… yes, genders. You have just started this blog and I don’t want to elaborate too much about the subject, fearing it may make you or your readers uncomfortable. But please be aware this phenomenon does exist, much more common than acknowledged, and certainly not in the negative way it often portrayed in the media and popular culture.

    As for your question… I’d like this to be a blog that keeps its readers informed with different trends and developments in the world of lingerie, as well as covering some historic aspects, while still encouraging different takes and viewpoints about all related topics.

    Thanks for all your work and best of luck!!!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! Honestly, your enthusiasm just gets me so excited to write and post new stuff :). I am so glad that you share my lingerie passion. I never want you (or anyone) to feel like you’re going to make anyone uncomfortable (barring hate speech/anything pornographic/being offensive). Any and all ways of appreciating lingerie are cool with me. Thanks for bringing up the idea of historic aspects of lingerie– I am planning to educate myself about that as I have only the most general knowledge and I’ll be glad to share with you all! Thanks for all the good wishes.

  4. Dear LL,
    You are my new found love on Twittersphere! As I browse through all your posts,I realize how the love for lingerie is beyond just looking sexy-for a queer guys like me its lot to do with gender identity. Most often for boys like me, fascination with intimates, high heels start at an early age. I think it has to do with secrecy and fascination to look pretty in front of the mirror. Well, now i can boast I have my own lingerie collection, mostly to feel that special way and yes of course sometimes for my partner. Anyways, just wanted to let you know, how your site is not just about frilly and sexy lingerie but much more than that!

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