Bra Fitting Resources

For many of us, bra fit is a difficult and confusing area. Happily, there are plenty of experts out there who can help solve our bra fitting woes! Although I am not a bra fit expert, here are a few resources for those of you who are frustrated with your bra fit and need help:

There are many bra fitting calculators out there, but if you are fuller busted I recommend trying out this bra fitting calculator by The Butterfly Collection. Claire also writes an absolutely fabulous blog that is full of great bra fit tips.

If you prefer your advice in book form, check out Busted! by Ali Cudby. I haven’t read the book myself, but check out this great review from fellow blogger Sweet Nothings NYC who also took her bra fitting course.

This list by lingerie blogger Boosaurus lists lingerie bloggers by bra size, so it’s very helpful if you’re looking for bras around your size.

If you’re looking for more help or you have specific issues with your bra fit, check out the subreddit r/abrathatfits where you can have fit checks and crowd-sourced suggestions of resources.

I will continue to update with more bra fitting resources when I can– let me know if there is something in particular you think I should add!

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