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The Lingerie Lesbian is a destination for women and men who have a passion for lingerie news and information as well as a taste for the more intellectual aspects of intimates. Although not only focused on luxury brands, The Lingerie Lesbian features lingerie that is both sophisticated and high quality. The site is primarily aimed at women who desire to buy lingerie to please themselves rather than their partners.

Key Stats:

Avg. Monthly Pageviews: 55,000+

Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 28,000+

Twitter Followers: 8,600+

Tumblr Followers: 13,700+

Facebook Fans: 4,100+

My Readers:

– An average reader will visit at least 2 pages per visit
–  51% of visitors come from the United States and 14% from the United Kingdom. Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Brazil are among the other top countries for readership.

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