The Art of Lingerie + Baking: Mondrian (A Collaboration with Sweet Nothings)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been a long time since my last “Art of Lingerie” post, which is why I have to bring it back with a bang! Sweets of Sweet Nothings NYC has been one of my blog friends for a long time now and I have been an admirer of her recipes from when I first started reading her blog. I can’t believe it’s taken us so long to collaborate. As you can see, we decided to merge some of the best features of both of our blogs to share artistic baking plus lingerie in the best way we can: celebrating the master of non-representational art, Piet Mondrian.


The first thing we did was make these delightful Mondrian cookies. You can find the recipe over on Sweet Nothings, but I will give you the inside scoop: these were not as easy as they look! It took all of our baking and three-dimensional reasoning skills to make these look Mondrian-esque.


Pillowbook Mondrian Collection

The first piece of lingerie I had to include in this post was this fantastic collection by Pillowbook that was inspired by Mondrian. I love the playful use of Mondrian’s linear style and I can’t help but feel that this is a necessary set for any art lover’s lingerie collection.

The rest of the pieces here are less literal, drawing on Mondrian for color and style. Despite Mondrian’s popularity and distinctive style, it was quite challenging to find lingerie designs that tie in with his style. It seems like lingerie tends towards the soft and muted, not the sharp lines and strong colors of Mondrian.

Piet Mondrian, Tableau I (1921)


Brands Clockwise from Left: Chromat, Timpa, Chantal Thomass, Chantal Thomass. Center: Huit

Tableau I is the Mondrian piece that most closely resembles our cookies, which is why I wanted to start with it. It’s a deceptively simple piece, with the balance of primary colors which is Mondrian’s trademark. I’m not even sure what category of clothing it fits into, but the cage by Chromat was definitely a piece I needed to include. I love the way it manages to balance linearity with the curves of the body wearing it, a necessary compromise when combining this artist with any lingerie. The Chantal Thomass bodysuit probably had no original inspiration in common with Mondrian, but the way that it uses perpendicular lines meant I had to include it. The parallel lines on the Chantal Thomass bra were also a perfect fit with this painting. I had to include the Timpa and Huit pieces because the colors were perfect and balanced out the more eccentric design well.

Piet Mondrian, Victory Boogie-Woogie (1942-44)



Brands Clockwise from Left: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur, All Undone, ASOS, Wolford

Victory Boogie Woogie is one of the last paintings that Mondrian worked on and remains unfinished. I am particularly drawn to its undeniable energy, so unlike the pristine stillness of much of Mondrian’s other work. The red lines of the L’Agent by Agent Provocateur slip just seemed like a perfect fit, especially when paired with the All Undone bra’s subtle color-blocking. The Wolford tights with their varying, criss-crossed lines had the busy spirit of the painting, while the ASOS garter belt and thong added an extra touch of blue amidst perpendicular lines.

Piet Mondrian, Composition in Yellow (1936)



Brands Clockwise from Left: Koral Activewear, Chromat, Marlies Dekkers, La Perla. Center: Relique

Composition in Yellow is a simple piece with a focus on just one color that makes it seem orderly and calming. The sports bra from Koral Activewear was obviously the perfect pop of yellow, with plenty of graphic black angles from Chromat, Marlies Dekkers, Relique and La Perla. I feel like a lot of these pieces really capture the simple, pared down feeling that the painting embodies.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd yes, the cookies are delicious as well as beautiful! Check out the recipe on Sweet Nothings here.

  1. Sitting here in fangirly joy over this post. The “Art of Lingerie” is one of my favorite of blog series, and Sweets’ baking skills are off the charts. (HOW DID YOU DO THOSE COOKIES?!)

    Choosing Mondrian is just inspired. The lingerie featured here is so architectural and bold and fierce. The collection of work here – art, lingerie, cookies – is so captivating. All that’s missing is a selfie of two of our favorite bloggers! :-)

    • Thank you! Haha, we should have taken a picture of us– but the cookie making took it out of us so much we totally forgot.

  2. I love your art and lingerie posts! You always manage to translate the art perfectly with your picks!! :) Also, Marlies Dekkers is one of those brands on my radar for the shop, specifically the bra you posted. They make such lovely pieces!

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