Look Book: Edge o’ Beyond Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Louisa bra, high waisted brief - front

I first made my acquaintance with UK-based brand Edge o’ Beyond back in August, when I first saw their debut collection & this collection at the Curve NY tradeshow. I was immediately distracted by the epically adorable set above, which I Instagrammed and became one of my most liked Instagrams ever! Somehow I never got around to covering the brand properly on the blog, but I’m glad that I’ve let them mature a season before introducing them to you. Best of all, all of this lingerie is for sale right now!

S15_093 v2The adorable appliquéed fairies might be the most obviously remarkable piece in the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, but once you get past its charms, there are many other things to admire. One unique feature of Edge o’Beyond lingerie is the use of tiny golden rings that allow for detachable jewelry pieces to ornament all of the various pieces in the collection.

S16_007 v2 Although when I first heard about the lingerie-as-jewelry (or jewelry-as-lingerie?) concept, I found it somewhat gimmicky. I know I like lingerie, and I wasn’t really sure I needed it to be anything else. Once I became further acquainted with the brand, however, I began to see that it was indeed beautiful enough not to need the added gold chains– which ended making me appreciate the fact that they could enhance the design, rather than make up for some sort of lack in creativity or quality, which was my fear.

S17_070 v3

The magic of this lingerie is hard to capture in photographs alone. The beauty and details of the materials (particularly the lace) are what make this lingerie worth giving a second glance.

S18_122 v3


The relatively simple shape of this black soft bra makes the gold chain detail really stand out and is an effective argument for why this is a lingerie accessory worth having. I also really like that this set is very understated, but still holds its own along with some pieces with flashier, more expensive and intricate materials.
S19_154 v2I’m very pleased that Edge o’ Beyond decided to include a high-waisted knicker in their collection, as I think it offers a particularly pretty silhouette– especially when you see how cheeky they made the back!

S12_001 v2Cheeky, but pretty. And yes, cheeky was meant to be a pun.

S22_192 v3

I loved this look book photo because it shows off the stunning red lace that Edge of Beyond uses most clearly. I love the tattoo-like contrast it makes on the skin– it’s my favorite things about how lace is used in lingerie!

S23_007 v2This is not the entire Edge o’ Beyond collection, but I hope this gives you a taste of what they are up to. I think that this is a brand with a lot of potential, as well as plenty of gorgeous luxury products to lust over. I hope I’ll get to try some of these myself at some point to tell you more!

Edge o’ Beyond is available from their online boutique and in the US at Journelle.

    • Hi Kim! It looks like it’s not yet released on the Edge o’ Beyond website yet, my mistake! It should be coming out in the next few weeks. If you want to know exactly, I recommend you email them directly or sign up for their newsletter.

  1. So sexy and seductive collection. Perfect to turn any night into romantic one. Also, it should be perfect gift for your loved one on her special day to make it memorable.

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