Menswear-Inspired Lingerie

Marlies Dekkers Gloria Plunge Balcony Bra €89.95

Although I have done several posts in the past about lingerie for people who are more masculine, I have tended to focus on pieces that are more androgynous rather than specifically menswear inspired. Lately, however, I’ve spotted quite a few styles that use typical menswear fabrics or suiting details that I think are so chic. Many of these pieces are styled in a specifically feminine way, but I think some have the potential to appeal to people of many different gender identities.

Marlies Dekkers is one of the brands I first turn to when it comes to lingerie of a less specifically feminine nature, so it probably shouldn’t surprise me to have fallen in love with this amazing suiting-inspired bra. I adore the pinstripes, of course, but it is the amazing attention to detail in the suspender-inspired straps that makes me think this bra is really something special.

Marlies Dekkers Signature Gloria Waspie Garter Belt €79.95 (worn here with the corresponding bodysuit)

This is the bodysuit and garter belt that go with the bra above and although I rarely share an entire collection, each piece seemed so unique and special I felt I couldn’t really leave any behind. The type of elastic strapping, the buckles and the cross-back of the bodysuit and garter belt are such a literal, yet playful interpretation of a typical suit with suspenders or a waistcoat that they really highlight the careful design involved.

Chantal Thomass Colombine Padded Balconette Bra $165

Chantal Thomass is such a feminine designer usually but loves to add in some playful tuxedo inspired elements every once and a while. I think that a love of good tailoring and the enjoyment of a cheeky juxtaposition of a typically masculine garment in a particularly feminine setting is what intrigues her and drives her to make this adorable lingerie.

Journelle Garbo PJ Set $225.00

Pajamas are obviously a rather predictably androgynous item that became popular in the 20s with the pretty young things who weren’t afraid of a little gender-bending in their loungewear. Nowadays, pajamas have a tendency to be covered with funky patterns or prints and that’s why I thought this simple, black-and-white set from Journelle was perfect for this list. The notched collar and black piping emphasize the tailoring, making it some very sharp nightwear.

Fantasie Lois Pinstripe Underwire Bra $58

This full bust Fantasie bra is one of the more feminine choices on this list, but I think it still has a place. Yes, it’s pink and yes, it’s got a bow, but the pinstripe definitely shows its menswear inspiration. It makes me think of a sharply tailored button-down shirt, rather than a suit and I would love it mixed with some of the other pieces on this page!

Chantal Thomass Espiegle Push Up Bra $165

This is another set from Chantal Thomass that clearly finds inspiration in the classic tuxedo. The adorable details of the strap attachment are similar to the Marlies Dekkers set, but evokes a slightly less business-like and more man-about-town image of masculinity. The satin finish, the tiny pockets and the covered buttons are absolutely gorgeous and clearly evoke the formality of full evening dress.

FYI by Dani Read Lucia Trouser $190.00

FYI by Dani Read’s Lucia trousers have literal suspenders, but I think that the styling makes clear that they are for the bedroom rather than the boardroom. The loose waist with the suspenders is a lounge-y look that fits right in for a lazy Sunday, but somehow evokes the formality of a black tie affair, a contradiction that definitely makes the look.

Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra $53.00

The houndstooth on this full bust Panache bra is again more feminine than some of these other choices because of the pink, but I love the strong pattern of it and how it uses the traditional outerwear print on an intimate garment next to the skin. I would prefer it in black and gray rather than pink, but we can’t have everything.

Kiki de Montparnasse Tuxedo Bib and Cuff Set $495

This tuxedo bib and cuff set from Kiki de Montparnasse is totally ridiculous, but I still love it! Yes, it is totally impractical, but it takes your regular tuxedo items and makes them a sexy lingerie item in a way that doesn’t quite work, but nonetheless needs to be included on this list. The inclusion of the untied bowtie is very important to the look here.

Harlow and Fox Augusta Scarlet Fringe Robe $831.73

I need this Harlow and Fox robe for many reasons but not least is the fact that it is so very clearly the updated version of the Victorian gentleman’s smoking jacket. The color reinforces this feeling and I love how opulently masculine the whole thing appears to be (and trust me, it feels terrible opulent as well as looking it). There is a touch of Hugh Hefner in it, but not enough to take this gorgeous robe from classy to skeezy.

  1. Isn’t it interesting how often “women’s” fashion is inspired by “masculine” details, but you rarely ever seen “men’s” fashion inspired by “feminine” details? Personally, I think society is due for more of the latter.

    Anyway, love the pinstripe bra and the second Chantal Thomass set.

    • It’s definitely rare outside of high fashion! The funny thing is, I think that if it became more common for menswear to be more feminine, it would really harken back to earlier menswear customs, which did include many elements now thought of as ‘feminine.’

      • I share the sentiment expressed by first commenter, JustWildAboutPanties! You’re right to point about the past, garter belts for example were originally geared towards men to help them keep their-knee high socks in place.
        But nowadays it seems like women have so many more choices- lingerie as well as outerwear- in terms of styles, colors, and fabrics while men’s accepted attire is very narrowly defined.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in lingerie. Any chance of a future similar menswear-pieces-inspired post for those of us on a budget? I’d love to spend $140 on that first bra, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon.

    • Honestly, I would love to include more affordable options! I just haven’t come across any good ones lately– I will add some if I see them.

  3. I have a male friend who loves to wear lingerie and cross dresses too. He loves to express his feminine side and tries to incorporate some femininity into his daily wardrobe. Great article.

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  5. Amber, you are lucky to have such a friend who really enjoys lingerie like the gals. These selections are just beautiful, definitely something I would wear.

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