Looking for a Sports Bra? These are My 4 Favorites for Different Workout Needs

When you’re trying to stay in shape, there is nothing more infuriating than having the wrong sports bra. For years, the only sports bra I would wear would be the most basic version I could get at Nike, which was a struggle to get on and off and if I wore it too long I had to tear it off because it was way too constricting. Happily, since starting in the world of lingerie, I have learned so much more about my sports bra needs that I finally have a collection of perfect sports bra, suited to my every activity. I’ve sorted this selection from least to most support to make things easier for those of you who know that a particular type of activity is what is most important to you. Of course, this means that those of you who view support as your number one priority might want to skip right to the end!

Splits59 Loren Seamless Bra $39

For those of your with larger busts, you might be wondering why this flimsy piece of fabric is worth anything at all. Let me tell you: I absolutely love the Splits59 Loren sports bra because of how light it is! I wear it for activities like yoga or pilates, where there aren’t really any sudden movements and it’s important to be able to relax and stretch out. This was an impulse purchase one day when I forgot a sports bra for an exercise class and I am extremely grateful for it. If I wear it all day because I don’t have a chance to change, it doesn’t feel like anything at all!

Size Range: XS/S-M/L

Support: Light. Best for yoga, pilates or bar classes

Michi Bionic Sports Bra $94

I lusted after the Michi Bionic Bra when I first saw a picture of it 2 years ago, so when I decided to treat myself for my birthday in September, this was one of the first things on my list. I’ve been using it since then and I absolutely love it. The thicker fabric in the cups means that it’s useful for any activity with some movement, but not full-on running or jumping. It also looks incredibly cool– whenever I wear it, people ask me where I got it.

Size Range: S-L

Support: Medium. Good for dance classes, aerobics or any class in which you want to look super stylish

Anita International ‘Extreme Control’ Sports Bra $69

This is another sports bra that I tried on a whim and immediately fell in love. This is a wireless sports bra from Anita International that manages to perfectly encapsulate and support my bust even in the most strenuous occasions. I found that it handles cardio-kickboxing like a champ even when we do jumping jacks or ‘happy feet.’ The fabric is super breathable and easy to wear all day– it’s actually my first choice for traveling, moving or any kind of all day strenuous activity.

Size Range: 30D- 40G (US)

Support: Medium- High. Great for martial arts or other sports.

Panache Underwire Sports Bra $69

It may be rare, but sometimes there is a product that is simply amazing. This is THE most supportive sports bra available, especially if you mind that no other sports bra has worked for you. The combination of a padded underwire and a very firm band means that not even running or jumping can make even a little bounce happen when I’m wearing it. There have been so many full busted bra bloggers that have raved about this bra, it seems unfair not to mention how well regarded it is.

Size Range: 34-38B, 32-38C, 30-40D, 28-40DD-GG, 28-38H

Support: High. Perfect for running, jumping, anything intensely physical.

Anyone else have sports bras they love? I’m always looking to try out new things to see if they will make it into the regular rotation.

  1. thank you for this. i love your blog and am always curious to see what you post about. i found my holy grail sports bra (i’m 36DD and run sometimes though not lately) over 10 years ago and haven’t done much exploring since then so maybe its time.
    the one i love, which i thought was ‘the most supportive sports bra available’ is Enell (http://www.enell.com). interestingly i noticed a friend of mine uses it as a binder – maybe they should market themselves that way.

    • I’ve heard that bra is very supportive, thanks so much for sharing! It’s not one I myself have tried, but I’m happy to hear it’s great.

  2. I like the Shock Absorber much more than the Panache bra- far less neck/shoulder pain and I find compression is better suited to running than encapsulation, with the added benefit of not having underwire pressing on my ribs. It may have something to do with size/shape though.

    Definitely size up in the band if you get the Shock Absorber though. I’m a 28G and I take a 30FF in it.

  3. The Anita Extreme control as well as the Panache are my favorites. The Anita actually goes from a B-H cup and goes up to a 46 band for some cups. B-E 30-46, F-G 30-44, and H 30-42

    • Thanks for the info, Brandi! I think the stockists I was looking at had a smaller size range, but it’s amazing to have so many more sizes

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