10 Teen-Friendly Styles to Buy for A Young Person’s First Bra

Bras by Yellowberry

Bras by Yellowberry

So many stories I hear about bras start in just one place: the first bra a mom (or dad) bought for you, which can be a very important experience. Because bras themselves signify a certain type of maturity (sometimes including a sexual connotation) it’s no surprise that it’s hard to get a ‘first bra’ right. I have tried to include relatively affordable but well-made pieces that could be wardrobe staples while still having some style to them.

Although it is generally assumed that a first bra need be a very small size, this isn’t necessarily always the case; especially nowadays, young girls are developing earlier and earlier, so I have also included full bust bra options with a wide size range. It’s especially important that young girls who have developed more than their peers need to know that they aren’t weird and that they have plenty of appropriate options to choose from! Additionally, I recommend Canadian boutique The Butterfly Collection’s blog for information on parents/friends/care-givers of busty teens.

Tiny Teton Freemont $38.95

My first couple options are from the adorable Yellowberry, a new brand that was actually started by a teen looking for appropriate bras for her younger sister. I am not only in love with the passion behind this brand, but also the simple, appealing aesthetic of their products. It’s pretty common for clothes intended for young girls to be extremely gendered and frilly and it’s nice to see a brand that could be just as appropriate on a kid with any gender presentation. I’m not going to lie… as someone who is way too old to be a kid, these still appeal to me given that I don’t mind something with no support!

Size Range: XS-LG

Tweetheart Sunshine $42.95

This is another bra by Yellowberry, and I love how happy it looks! This is totally a bra that would make any kid smile (they have different color options for those less enamored of pink). I also like how this is a style that seems easy to wear/ easy to move in for anything you might need to do throughout your day.

Size Range: XS-LG

Aerie Hannah Multi-Way Lightly Lined Bra $34.95

Aerie is a much, much bigger brand, but one that also focuses on a young clientele. I appreciate the wide size range for the smaller sizes– this particular style includes 30-bands for cup sizes A-D and AA-cups in back sizes 32 and 34. This style is pretty simple, but cute and has zero push-up in it, which I think is appropriate for someone whose growing body is still new.

Aerie Softest Lace Racerback Bralette $19.95

The soft lace and lack of wires on this Aerie bralette makes it a pretty and easy style for anyone who doesn’t need a lot of support, but still wants a cute bra to wear. I am always a sucker for this color, so I had to include it, but there are a ton of different colors available for this bralette and the price is a pretty good one.

Size Range: XS-L

B’tempt’d by Wacoal Ciao Bella Balconette Bra $38

This simple white lace bra from b’tempt’d by Wacoal is one that I think is versatile enough to find space in any wardrobe. The style is sweet and simple, but has a different flavor in each of its available colors.

Size Range: 30C-DDD, 32-36B-DDD, 38B-DD

Freya Deco Delight Underwired Moulded Multiway Plunge Bra $66

I love the Freya Deco Delight because it’s so soft and simple, while also being incredibly cute. I love the heather grey coloring because it just looks soft and the little touches of lace are a small, but sweet design feature. Practically speaking, I think the fact that this is a t-shirt bra is super important for someone who is younger and probably is going to be wearing t-shirts most of the time, which the fact that this is a multiway makes it very versatile.

Size Range: 28-30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG, 38B-G

Freya Deco Charm Moulded Plunge Bra $60

Just because someone might be new to bras doesn’t mean they don’t want something pretty and girly! The ballet pink color of this Freya bra is so sweet looking and the brown lace adds a vintage touch. And I love how the neutral tone could blend well under a tee for someone with pale skin or offer a lovely contrast on someone with a darker skin tone.

Size Range: 28-30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG, 38B-G

Cleo by Panache Marcie Balconette Bra $45

Cleo by Panache is known as the younger sister to the main Panache brand, which I think the bright, fun nature of this bra is a testament to. The pink and orange are a nice color combination that really suit someone who isn’t afraid to be a little bit loud, when the occasion calls for it.

Size Range: 28E-H, 30D-J, 32-38B-J

Cleo By Panache Maya Balconette Bra $45

This is another Cleo bra which I think has a rather polarizing reaction. I don’t necessarily think the same people would wear this bra as the Freya bras I put in this article (although you never know– I generally have the most random taste) but there are certainly some personality types who would love it right away. I personally would never ever ever want to wear this– but then again, I haven’t been a teenager for a few years now!

Size Range: 28E-H, 30-38D-J

What do you think? What was your first bra and what would you buy for your child? Do you wish your younger self had any of these bras?

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  2. I love all of your picks, but I especially applaud the b.tempt’d Ciao Bella. They do this bra in several colors throughout the year, and the fit is great. I wasn’t sure how well it would go over in the shop, but it’s one of our best-selling styles. They also have a cappuccino color which has a deeper taupe overlaid on a light blue. It’s a great beige alternative, but it still keeps the sweet and simple vibe you mentioned.

    • Thanks! I agree that the bra itself is a great choice, but funnily enough I almost didn’t put it on the list because the advertising from Wacoal for this style seemed generally more overtly sexual than I thought was appropriate for this article! It’s definitely a ‘younger’ line for them, so I thought it was strange that they generally chose to put models in heavy makeup & seductive, cleavage-enhancing poses. The mysteries of lingerie advertising…

      • Yes, I have always found that a bit disappointing too. Now, in all fairness, we have everyone from 12 year old girls to 70 year old women buy from that line, but it’s clearly marketed toward the younger set. Why not go a little lighter with the makeup and tone? They did have a blond model with short punky hair for a while, and she was very age-appropriate. They didn’t overdo the “sexy” factor for her which was great for showing the the other bras to younger customers. Now, they seem to almost be going for that Victoria’s Secret look with some of their shots and poses. :(

      • Yes! I’m not against sexy poses/makeup for all lingerie, but it just seems so incongruous for the style of the lingerie itself.

  3. This is a wonderful post! I personally developed very young (I think I bought my first bra in 4th grade) and I remember struggling to find something that both my mother and I agreed on. When I was in high school I struggled so much to find full bust bras that weren’t reminiscent of an 80 year old’s lingerie wardrobe. Finding Freya and Cleo was a huge turning point, and I wish I had known sooner and been saved from the too small Victoria’s Secret bras I was squeezed into in an attempt to keep cute bras in my wardrobe even when I sized out of them!

    • It’s definitely a difficult road to navigate! Especially because your changing body can seem so foreign or embarrassing as a kid. I definitely didn’t develop early and I still found that it was such a weird topic to deal with!

  4. Such a great article, and so awesome to see young people with full busts considered! I remember when I was young, my mom pretty much started taking me to VS immediately, cause that was what would fit. But that was a super sexy environment (this was pre-PINK), and I know she would have appreciated less charged options.

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