My New Boudoir Photoshoot: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

001It may seem strange to have a pastel, spring-y boudoir photoshoot in the middle of winter. Add to that the fact that there was a crazy blizzard on this day and it’s the makings of some paradoxical boudoir photoshoot magic.

004I met Nomi Ellenson, the photographer, about a year ago when she contacted me to say how much she liked my blog and that she would love to work together. I brought her to the inaugural Lingerie Fashion Week where she took some fantastic images and I knew that fate would bring us back together for another collaboration.

008Fast-forward to this year when she told me that she and her friend Danielle Greenstein are starting up a boudoir photography business called Shoot Me Sexy NYC and wanted to know if I would take some pictures with her for her website. Who could say no to that?

This is how her service works: she and her business partner offer a boudoir photography and makeup package in the privacy of your own home in the New York metro area. They come, do all your makeup, take all your pretty pictures and you don’t have to move a muscle! (Okay, you do have to pose)

009 I styled myself as a delicate fifties-inspired pin up, so I could use some vintage pieces I have, as well as Agent Provocateur and Fifi Chachnil. I purposely wanted to do something totally different from the last boudoir photoshoot I did and I think that my lingerie collection really lends itself to some frilly, girly styles.


It was a delight to work with Nomi and Danielle– they are both very professional, but kept it fun. Given that my makeup knowledge is pretty thin, it was nice to have a professional to give me a specific look. Nomi is also great at giving direction, which I find is crucial if you’re just an amateur who doesn’t necessarily know how your body looks at any one time. They are both extremely positive and make you feel pretty, which is another extremely important ingredient to good photos!


The whole thing got off to a slow start because snow screwed up the traffic, but as the creative people that we are, we thought we should use it! Isn’t there something angelic about standing about in the freezing cold with a vintage peignoir on?

The right soundtrack to this shoot is clearly ‘Frozen’. I feel like an icy boudoir queen!

016Their new website actually launched this week, so if you’re interested in a boudoir photoshoot, you should definitely check it out!


Photography: Nomi Ellenson

MUAH: Danielle Greenstein

Model: The Lingerie Lesbian

Lingerie by Agent Provocateur, Fifi Chachnil, Narue and vintage (no label)


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