Under the Sea: Mermaid Lingerie

Buttress and Snatch Ariel Set

After a brilliant individual on Tumblr asked for some lingerie suggestions inspired by mermaids, I simply had to dedicate an entire blog post to this important topic. Of course, the bikini above by Buttress and Snatch was the first thing to pop into my mind, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there were tons of inspiring mermaid-like options out there, for anyone with the right kind of imagination. Check out some of my ideas below!

Made by Niki String Draped Skirt, £189

Made by Niki String Draped Skirt, £189

This Made by Niki set is perfect for the mermaid with an advanced sense of fashion and an unlimited budget. Seriously, what could be better that all of those delicate, undulating bits of fringe that evoke a mermaid’s watery habitat? Nothing, I say, truly nothing.

scallop-bralette-pink-ft-small-400x596 (1)

She and Reverie Scallop Bralette $112

I have been obsessed with this She & Reverie bralet since I first say a picture of it on Tumblr about 3 years ago. I can’t believe that I haven’t featured it before! This bralet is perfect because it evokes the traditional mermaid scallop shell bra (especially if paired with turquoise knickers) but also seems a bit more soft, wearable and fashion-forward for the land-locked mermaid.

Angela Friedman Faye Corset, $560

If there was a more mermaid-y corset than this piece from Angela Friedman’s spring-summer 2014 collection, I don’t know what it would be! I love how the black lace appliqué gives it a spookylook reminiscent of seaweed — but also happily pairing well with a black pencil skirt if you take the night off from your mermaid duties.

Agent Provocateur Phoenix

I’m not going to lie– I hated this Agent Provocateur set when I first saw it! But in the context of a tropical coral reef, it seems perfect for a mermaid who likes to look at home among brightly colored, exotic fish. Ideally to be worn with a crown of sea anemones.

Ewa Michalak BM Aqua 159.00zł

The print on this Ewa Michalak bra immediately made my think of the dizzying light effects of looking into the clear ocean water of the Caribbean. The pairing with the paler blue lace really cements the look of softly crashing waves, which I’m sure is something that all mermaids like to imitate to blend in to their surroundings.

FLEUR’T Dolce Vita Racerback Chemise $86

This Fleur T chemise is for the mermaid who values comfort just as highly as style and wants to spend her mermaid time cuddled up in her oyster bed with a good book of underwater pirate stories.

Mimi Holliday Gooseberry Padded Bra $94

Mimi Holliday always has delicious colors, so it should be no surprise that I spotted ‘Gooseberry’ as a perfect addition to this collection. I think the eyelash lace overlay is the perfect touch!

eLai Pixie body £84.00

This ‘Pixie’ bodysuit by eLai has a bit of a swimsuit look to it, but would also look amazing layered under a skirt. I think the touch of orange binding along the edge really cements its aquatic feel.

Journelle Bardot Short PJ Set $140

I don’t think that all mermaids should have a good pajama option, which is why I think this Journelle PJ set should definitely go into this list. Perhaps it should be paired with the She & Reverie bralet for perfect mermaid synergy?

Aerie Softest Modal Bralette $19.95

For the budget conscious mermaid who loves lingerie, this bralette from Aerie is pretty much perfect. The two shades of blue are extremely lovely together with scalloped lace and bow details that finish it off beautifully.

BEAUTIFUL BOTTOMS Amaranthine Short Night Robe $182

The bell sleeves of this Beautiful Bottoms robe are what forced me to include it on the list– just imagine the delightful swishing as your drank your morning coffee or merely frolicked about! I love the periwinkle color and it would go extremely well with many of the other mermaid-inspire choices on this list.

Karolina Laskowska Sayuri Kimono Silk Bra £160

Karolina Laskowska’s Sayuri Kimono Silk bra is another one that recalls sea shells in it’s color and texture. I love the sheen of the silk because I think that it really emphasizes the varying shades and stripes in the fabric that really do recall organic coral formations.

Maison Lejaby Elixir Mosaique Underwired Bra $104

It’s possible that this Maison Lejaby bra is my most favorite piece of all because of the perfection of the minty green color paired with the texture of the lace on the cups. These look exactly like scales to me, and what could be more perfect for a mermaid that a fish scale bra.

What do you think! Enough choices for the mermaid in all of us?


  1. I do this thing where I assign lingerie designs to Game Of Thrones characters I think they suit and this post so reminds me of a set from Triumph that I had picked out for Asha Greyjoy. Dark grey swirls like a stormy sea – perfect for a malevolent mermaid!
    Sadly I can’t find that set on the website any more but I did stumble across two others that would be lovely on mermaids:

    The aptly-named ‘Queen of The Sea’ http://uk.triumph.com/QUEEN%20OF%20THE%20SEA/10137550,en_GB,pd.html#!color%3D6510_Antique_Blue%26crossSell%3Dtrue%26size%3D080_C

    And for badass androgynous mermiads, this ‘Dragonfly’ set:

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