Happy 2 Year Blog Birthday! Arabel Petites Lingerie Review & Giveaway


My blog’s second birthday technically passed on July 5th, but I just got a new job, so I’ve been a very neglectful blogger recently. No matter though, because I’m still ready to celebrate! This blog is still very dear to my heart and I always feel like my readers deserve a giveaway and of course I love to talk about new underpants.


Arabel Lingerie is a brand I have reviewed previously and also one that is very dear to my heart as I met the founder at a short course I did at De Montfort before she even started the brand! I’ve been loving the direction she’s been taking it, with some gorgeous options specifically for the small-busted but still including loungewear and knicker options for a range of sizes.


This ‘Forget Me Not’ cami and knicker set is among my favorite pieces from her, both for the sweet, frivolous look and how incredibly comfortable it is. I like to wear it as a set to bed or around the house on the weekends, or I can just wear the knickers whenever.


The color is lovely and suits my skin perfectly, and the stretch lace is so soft, it feels great to wear. I find the hip ruffle very cute and is particularly good to wear with dresses with fuller skirts. Personally, I love the fact that it looks so sweet and retro while still being an original design.


If you want to win a pair of your very own, enter the Rafflecopter below! The mandatory entry is to write a comment saying either something you’ve enjoyed about the blog in the last 2 years or something you want to see going forward. You can get extra entries through Twitter and Facebook also. The winner will be chosen randomly, so good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends on the 31st of July, so get entering now :).


  1. Caro, congratulations! You look incredible in this set, so sweet!

    I guess the main thing I have to say about The Lingerie Lesbian is that I am truly grateful for giving me the inspiration to write my own thoughts and words. Before I started writing, I would read your blog thinking how awesome it was! So thank you for all the words and for these 2 years of being one of the greatest persons I know on the internet (and outside it as well!). I truly appreciate your view on the pieces, materials and on other issues, with such an important opinion to give to the world :)

  2. Yay, happy 2 year blog anniversary! Congrats! I love reading your blog because you share topics that I feel are important, I like your stance on diversity, feminism, and body shaming, and of course I love reading your reviews! You’re a great voice in the lingerie blogging community, and can’t wait to see what else you do in the next two years! :)

  3. I love your unique take on various important topics, your lingerie style, and your thoughtful critiques. Thanks for writing what is always sure to be an interesting read!

  4. Happy blog anniversary! I really like the diversity of your posts, especially the ‘Art of Lingerie’ series :D Reading about ordering a corset was quite intriguing, too. And the reviews are great, of course!

  5. I first got hooked with your posts about small-busted options, which made me feel less ostricized and opened my eyes to the wealth of beautiful options. But then I subscribed because of your andro-lingerie series, which made me excited about lingerie for once, instead of only feeling like it was something I was supposed to like but didn’t really. Thanks for all you do for us ladies!

  6. Happy blogiversary! I love seeing the sales roundups and also the writeups of brands I’d never heard of, and pieces I’d never considered, like lingerie harnesses or corsets.

  7. Two years! I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months, but I’ve found quite a lot of useful info on here. I especially love your “cute but affordable posts”, but my favorite recent post would have to be your post on wire free bras for those of us with larger busts.

  8. I only recently discovered you, but am so excited to look through your archives and catch up on the last two years! Happy birthday to a beautiful blog, beautiful woman, and b-e-a-utiful lingerie!!

  9. Happy blog anniversary! I’ve only recently stumbled on your blog… I’ve subscribed month ago or so (this the first post I got notification about). So I don’t know if I’m eligible to answer question what I’ve enjoyed about the blog in the last 2 years, but I waited on occasion to rant about how I’m in awe of your blog. Plus possibility to win this gorgeous set is quite motivating (even though I won’t probably win – I don’t have much luck usually), ’cause normally I’m kinda shy when it comes to comments.
    So… I found your blog via local forum about lingerie – someone posted links to your posts about Absolutely Pom and Arabel (how fitting;) ) Look Books in jaw-droppingly beautiful lingerie thread. And this is exactly how I would describe the lingerie presented on your blog :) Then I’ve read some more of your posts and I loved The Art of Lingerie and Around the World in Lingerie series (it was really interesting for me to read e.g. about brands from Asia or Africa). And I really like your writing style in general :) The only downside to your blog is that it swayed my taste to brands I can’t afford/I have no means to purchase because shipping is a problem. Once again – congratulations on 2nd year of your blog and keep being awesome! :)

  10. I especially like having beautiful lingerie pop up on my tumblr dashboard! But I love that you help girls of all sizes (bust and body!) feel beautiful :)

  11. Congrats on two years! Please keep featuring more indie designers – you’ve found and featured some great ones that I didn’t know about and that I now have on my list!

  12. Congratulations on having the blog for two years! I’m looking forward to seeing you go forward for many years to come. My favorite thing about the blog would have to be the reviews! I love your photographs and your honesty regarding the products.

  13. You are SO right about this colour being perfect for you. It looks amazing with your skin!

    What I’ve especially loved about this blog are the brands that you choose to cover. I feel your blog helped enrich my lingerie knowledge when I was just starting out and in my fairly small bubble of 28 band DD+ styles. I mean, I also love pretty much everything else, but if I have to pick :P

  14. Ooooh, one of my fave designers, and my favourite set by her! I’ve been coveting the Forget Me Not cami for so long. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, and thank you for all the content you’ve published, especially the more in-depth articles. I find your discussions of some of the issues in the intimates industry very well thought out and very well researched. I don’t always agree with you, but I appreciate how you are able to explain and defend your position in a lucid, well-structured manner :)

  15. Happy blog anniversary! I really like the “wishlist” posts you sometimes do. They give me great ideas for new lingerie to buy! I also like discovering new brands through your blog.

  16. Happy 2nd Birthday.
    I love that you introduce me to many new brands, including many that would work for my small bust.

  17. Congrats! I’ve enjoyed hearing your perspective on lingerie. I’ve especially loved the lingerie posts that you’ve paired with art, they’re super cool. Thanks for being around and I hope you continue to be!!

  18. Oh my goodness those bottoms are so cute. My favourite part is the reviews. I am always searching for reviews for brands and different styles, so fit reviews are very precious to me. Thank you! :-)

  19. Whenever I buy lingerie online, I immediately come to this website to see if you’ve reviewed the brand before! They’ve helped so much, especially since sizes from different places can mean different things. It’s really cut down on the whole returning/exchanging rigmarole.

  20. Happy blog anniversary! I think the two things I’ve loved most about your blog are your posts about lingerie for smaller busts (something I definitely needed) and seeing what you’ve been creating yourself. Keep on keeping on, girl!

  21. Happy anniversary! I’ve really enjoyed your ‘Around the World in Lingerie’ series. I’d love to see more in the future!

  22. Happy blog anniversary! My favorite posts are your “wishlist” ones (I love seeing your lingerie style!) and lingerie for smaller busts.

  23. I adore your attention to diversity. From picks for people across the gender spectrum to pieces for across the size spectrum, I’ve been able to recommend posts to all kinds of friends and know they can find something awesome. Thank you so much!

  24. Happy belated anniversary!
    So good to have on tumblr someone like you. I started following you a long time ago and since then you didn’t let me down once. I’m really glad that you pick so many various topics, like small busts, large ones, and even post-surgery no busts.
    I enjoy in particular your reviews and articles about big sizes, since I’m not a regular size my own (28FF), so keep doing what you’re doing and best wishes!

  25. Happy Anniversary! I love your blog so much, I never realized how much I really love lingerie until I started to follow your blog. I own a lot more better quality bras and panties now. Also my goal in life is now to have a job where I can wear cute underwear to work everyday.

  26. Happy anniversary! And this Arabel set looks gorgeous on you! That colour…. I have to say, yours is one of the first lingerie blogs I came across, and it was so refreshing to see all the diverse brands you reviewed. It’s brilliant having constantly new (to me) companies to check out. Most of all, I like where you’re coming from, in terms of your opinions about lingerie. You cover very interesting topics and have excellent opinions!

  27. So I first saw you via autostraddle, and I’ve been lurking on and off since then :D I really like the lingerie you choose–most of the lingerie is stuff I haven’t seen before, and is very pretty and unique. I also like that you’re coming at lingerie from a non-heterosexual point of view–for a long time I felt that in order to be properly ‘gay’ I had to present a certain way, and your blog has helped me get over that . Also, a lot of the more mainstream lingerie articles (like in cosmo or other fashion magazines) I’ve come across are all about wearing lingerie for other people, and I wear lingerie for myself, so it is nice to see someone who also wears lingerie for themselves :D
    I would like to see more budget brands (I love the stuff you already have up, your ASOS recommendation was a godsend!!!) and some more stuff that is available in larger sizes.
    also, happy birthday/anniversary!

  28. I’ve immensely enjoyed watching you create your own pieces and continuosly cater beautiful pieces to all types of woman. Happy blog bday!

  29. happy blog birthday! your blog was the first lingerie-related one i ever read, and i love reading your thoughts & opinions on topics such as feminism & diversity — coming from a rather conservative asian family ( in asia, no less ) it was really enlightening and helped to correct some misconceptions that were passed on from my relatives. also prior to reading your blog i never knew there were so many little things that could affect fit, so thank you very much for that!

  30. Your blog made me look at lingerie as art. I like your reviews, I like your photos, how honest you are. I follow your career as designer and it makes me want to follow my own dreams. I use your blog as inspiration and you made me feel less self cautious about my body, I always look forward for your articles, kisses and hugs!

  31. I love to read your reviews and discovering new brands. The way you look at lingerie, at the design, textures, material used is very refreshing, and made me appreciate lingerie even more. I started my lingerie collection by buying frilly, girly, pretty things, and now thanks to your blog and some other i started to appreciate the design side much more.

    Naturally that means digging deeper into the wallet, so I would love to win one of Arabel pieces (swoon)…

  32. Happy blogiversary! I first started reading your blog when I came across your ‘around the world in lingerie’ posts – it was great to see exciting brands that I’d never heard of before getting exposure and reviews. Similarly, I really like that you feature smaller, independent brands alongside better known names, I’ve found some really great companies via your posts!
    Your budget recommendations are also always very welcome and I’d like to see more of them in the future. I’m a cash strapped student and your sale features are always really great too, as I can only afford to splash out on fancy underwear once in a blue moon!

  33. Your queer, body-positive take on lingerie inspires me to love and accept my own body (and to shop for more lingerie…)

  34. Happy blogiversary! I’m glad you’re back! Your blog was one of the first blogs I read regularly when my lingerie obsession started, and it’s still one of my favorites. I love all of your lingerie-focused posts (obviously), but I also value this blog above others for your articles on feminism and diversity. Thank you!

  35. Happy birthday to The Lingerie Lesbian (blog) :D I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and I love your diversity of reviews! I also really love the girly aesthetic of Arabel Lingerie :)

    • Sadly, I’m afraid the designer who was making it had to close her business for health related reasons! Hopefully I’ll be able to start this process up with another designer at some point, because I think it was a great series.

  36. Congratulation s on your blogaversary! Have been reading since the beginning and despite – understandable! – lack of posts lately you’re still one of my all time favourite bloggers. I wish you all the best with your studies, Caro!

  37. I’ve loved the Art of Lingerie series because it combines two of my loves and is so visually pleasing. I’ve also really appreciated your recent recommendations of wirefree bras for fuller busts. I purchased a Fortnight longline bra based on your recommendation and LOVE it. Congratulations on all your success, I’m looking forward to another year of The Lingerie Lesbian!

  38. Congratulations on 2 years, lovely! It’s hard to pick something I’ve enjoyed seeing, as I honestly do love just about everything you share. Feminism-related posts from your perspective are always interesting and insightful, and I love seeing your reviews of smaller and lesser-known brands. Your posts about your course (about the process of designing and making lingerie, and pieces you’ve designed/made yourself) are definitely very interesting to me. But really, I’d be happy to continue reading whatever you feel like writing :) It’s your blog, and I’m certain that whatever feels right to you will be perfect. Much love to you, and congrats again!

  39. Hi

    I love your blog, I read every post, even if I rarely comment (I m a bit shy).
    What I like in your blog, is you “put your personality” in every post. I like reading your personal point of view !
    I also like your reviews, because I am more or less in the same size range as you, they are useful (I just wish I had more money to spend in lingerie…). I like your photo-shoot, because your face and your body add even more personality to your blog.
    I find your blog human, it is not “neutral”, and this is why I like it.

  40. Congratulations on 2 years of blogging! Your posts are always so wonderful to read- your reviews are in-depth and your feminism/social-justice posts are eloquent and thought provoking! My favorite posts were your post about cultural appropriation in the lingerie industry and also your post about being a lesbian in the lingerie industry. Going forward, I’d love to see more posts on diversity in lingerie as well as more full-bust round-ups! Thank you for sharing your perspective with all of us, and here’s to another great year of blogging!

  41. I don’t really know what is my favourite part of your blog – it’s the mixture I guess.
    But I really missed you lately :)

  42. Congratulations! I would have to say my favorite feature you do is the art of lingerie and I would love to see some more of that! I think your frangonard art of lingerie post was what started me reading in the first place and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  43. I’m only a new reader of your blog, but I’m so happy I found it! As a fellow lingerie loving lesbian, my favourite thing about your blog (apart from the amazing finds) is your helping to increase femme-leaning visibility. It’s easy to feel like there are no other women out there like me, or to feel like a minority within a minority, but knowing that there are other women who love women out there who also love feminine things like amazing lingerie somehow helps me feel more comfortable being myself!
    Thank you for that.
    Also, it would be so amazing to win this because I’ve been obsessing over the set since the first time you posted about it, but as a full time uni student I can’t afford it!

  44. Happy Blog Birthday! I very much enjoy your blogs, especially the variety of styles and sizes of lingerie – not limiting your perspective. Very gutsy, brave, informative work. And of course for supporting designers of gorgeous lingerie like Arabel :) <3

  45. Stumbled across your website, I wished I was a lesbian because you are quite beautiful. Blue lace suits you but I think you would look better in emerald green instead.

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