5 Important Lingerie Solutions to Maintain Summer Comfort

When it comes to staying comfortable, summer can be a tough time for undergarments. The increase in temperature and the accompanied sweating can magnify any issues that you already have with your clothing, plus add in the problems of looking and feeling dry and fresh all day. To this end, I have included 5 pieces that solve a few of summer’s most common comfort challenges, but if you have any other things you always rely on, let me know!

1. Sweat-absorbent knickers

Dear Kate Hazel Sport Hipster

Although Dear Kate first marketed themselves as a solution for period and bladder leakage security, they soon realized that their fabric innovation also allowed for a solution to unsightly butt sweat. This is something that I can definitely see a use for if you regularly wear light outer clothing in the heat, especially in a work environment, because it’s really not pleasant to call attention to your butt in this way (as well as feeling sticky)! It’s also moisture wicking to keep the damp away from your body, which is so, so much more comfortable. These are available up to a size 3XL, which accommodates people of many butt sizes!

2. Thigh protecting bloomers

Anti Chafing Short Leg Knickers £12.95

Based on reading this review by Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, I decided to try out these bloomers by The Big Bloomer Company, intended to reduce the discomfort from thighs rubbing together in summer dresses. As this is something that plagues me, this seemed like something I had been waiting for! This is NOT a sexy garment, but it is extremely effective and very comfortable. This is primarily intended for plus size women, so I wear the smallest size (which is still a wee bit big) but it still works and keeps my thighs extremely happy, even in the heat. If this is something that bothers you, you should definitely look into this product.

3. A cotton-lined bra

Calvin Klein Sexy Signature U/Wired Non-Padded Bra $55

Finding a cotton lined bras, or one with natural fibers, can be surprisingly difficult. One of my favorites bras for the summer is my bra from Bradelis particularly because of the soft cotton lining that keeps me from being smothered in sweat (an unpleasant experience). Some retailers, like figleaves, use ‘cotton’ as something you can search for, but otherwise you just have to try to use cotton as a search term or investigate in store. If enough people need help finding these, I can make a list of the ones that I’ve spotted! Victoria’s Secret is another one with a lot of cotton options.

4. Breathable nightwear

Eberjey Gisele Pj’S Short Pj Set $98

Having summer specific nightwear can be so important to general comfort because there is nothing worse that being up all not feeling boiled in your own skin. You may prefer to solve this problem by sleeping naked, that’s a great solution, but sometimes you have to wear something because you live with others or you just prefer the feeling of being clothed. As well as this Eberjey short PJ set (which I own and love) I recommend anything made of silk, especially silk chemises, or a nice breathable fabric like modal or bamboo.

5. Fashion Tape

Braza Flash Tape $13.23

It’s not a specifically lingerie related item, but fashion tape is something that I always use more of in the summer to make sure my undergarments are sufficiently covered (if that is my intention) with summer’s plunging necklines. I also sometimes use fashion tape in a variety of ways if I’m going braless, to makes sure my clothes stay in place or as a kind of makeshift nipple cover.

What are your summer comfort essentials?


  1. Cotton bras are so difficult to find, I agree! I tend to get heat rashes under my wires during the summer. I do like to go commando during the summer but find some form of breast support in bed necessary just to keep the tissue from laying on my chest. I have a couple Arianne Crop Camis with shelf bras that I’m wearing to death as they are perfect for summer. And oh the thigh thing… The number of times I have opened up the skin in my thighs on a hot summer day… Ugh. Excellent suggestions. :)

  2. Wickers women’s boxers are my new faves. Sweat wicking, anti microbial, and long enough to avoid chafing. They’re on Amazon, for anyone who wants to check them out. Still not super attractive, but way more comfy, and they come in the “regular”sizes, rather than plus.

  3. This is a great list for my everyday, since Rio is hot all the time. One of the things I found out is that when I use mesh bras in the very-hot weather, my skin gets terribly sensitive and it hurts! So cotton bras are a must-have. I never tried fashion tape, but now I may buy one at the drugstore to see how it goes, seems interesting!

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