Look Book: Les Lunes Sheer Heaven


I was only recently introduced to Les Lunes when I tried out a few pieces from the collection a few months ago. While I loved the delicious feel of the collection, which would definitely make me want to try more, the styles didn’t stick out to me as much. That’s why I was so excited to see these new images of the ‘Sheer Heaven’ collection that Les Lunes has just introduced!

SheerHeaven_Bra_Lookbook4 I like that the shapes of these new pieces are very simple, but beautifully designed to be both comfortable and stylish. There is also a nice color range to suit a lot of skin tones and to go with plenty of innerwear/outerwear looks.


I am actually going to be sampling a few of these new styles in the next week, so I can give you the full report on what they are actually like! I’m pretty excited given how pretty they look in person.


I definitely also want to try these for working out/dancing because they look like they’d be  a super light sports bra alternative (given that I don’t usually require a lot of support).

LL_LB-4And don’t the models look like they’re having a good time? What do you think of Les Lunes?


  1. Those bras (and the matching briefs) ARE insanely comfortable and supportive! Without a doubt my favourite soft cup bra. Somehow that crossover part of the style on the chest helps hold you in a little extra. Not exaggerating in saying I wear this about 4 times a week!

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