9 Full Bust Wirefree Bras for Warm Weather Style + Comfort

One thing people ask me all the time is where to find wireless bras or bralettes that suit fuller busts. This is actually a tough thing to find, as the majority of full bust customers seem to prefer the lift and support that a wireless bra isn’t usually capable of. That being said, some people just want the freedom and the comfort that comes with a great bra without wires!

Note: I usually would never include bras that only go up to a DD-E on a full bust list, but considering that in the bralette category it’s still hard to find things in those sizes, I have included a couple.

Fortnight Mira Bra $110

Fortnight makes amazing wireless bras that work particularly well for DD+ bra-wearers on the small end of the band spectrum. Fellow blogger Undiegamer is a huge fan of theirs and I understand why! The style is gorgeous and the fabrics they use are always amazing.

Size range: 30B- 30F, 32A-32F, 34A-34E, 36A-36DD

Decent Exposures Original Un-Bra® $36-$84 (depending on fabric/style)

This is another one that I added with a resounding endorsement from another blogger, Braless in Brazil. The Decent Exposures Original Un-Bra is a very simple bra, but has the amazing advantage of being available in tons of colors, with many fabric choices and in any size imaginable (they will customize them for you!). You can even add on front closure, nursing straps or pockets if you need, making this an incredibly versatile option.

Size Range: 30-54 AA-L (US Sizes) + custom options

Mimi Holliday Rhubarb Crumble Maternity Bra $92

For some reason, the cutest wireless bras I see that include any full bust sizing are always maternity! Pregnant/nursing ladies might be getting a lot of the fun here, but just because something has added maternity features, doesn’t mean that just because you don’t need them you can’t still wear the bra, right? That’s my philosophy anyway, and why I included this completely scrumptious green and pink Mimi Holliday bra on this list. This is their debut season for maternity so that size range isn’t that large YET but given the way this brand is going, if it is a success, I’m sure they’ll expand these delightful offerings.

Size Range: 32D-FF, 34D-FF, 36D-E

Kris Line Ariel Non Wired Bra £13.95

This Kris Line non-wired bra is hard to get ahold of in the US (Brastop only has a couple sizes left!) but I adore the beautiful lace on there, so I had to include it. I’ve tried Kris Line before and found the materials very soft and exceedingly comfortable, which is another reason I think this an excellent addition to the list.

Sizes available: 32F,  34E

Ohhh Lulu Glamorous Pink Gold Sequin Polka dot ‘Dawn’ Burlesque Boudoir Bra Handmade to Order $55

Given the soft and unstructured nature of her bras, Sarah, the designer at OhhhLulu, recommends her bras for AA-DD cups, but she actually offers completely custom sizing for anyone wanting something outside of that size range. This pink and gold sequin offering is just one of her many soft bras, but I adore the gentle glamour of the piece and I think it’s definitely a great ’round the house’ type bra.

Size Range: Made to Measure

Cake Lingerie Lavender Sorbet Nursing Bra AUD $84.90

This bra from Cake Lingerie is another in the ‘technically maternity’ offerings, but it’s so cute and had such an impressive size range that I couldn’t leave it out. My favorite thing about it has got to be the buttons on the center front– they are a detail that really makes this bra seem both cute and special.

Size Range: 32D-40J

Royce Darcey Comfort Bra £19.95

Royce is a company that isn’t really known for their fashion forward shapes, but I do like this brown pinstriped bra for its simple style and cute details. I think the chocolate-y color is very versatile and definitely one I could see fitting in well in a hot summer.

Size Range: 32DD- 40G

Goddess Keira Soft Cup Bra $42

Goddess is not a brand I talk about a lot on the blog, although they are a well-regarded bra option for the full-figured customer. I am actually in love with this turquoise shade because it’s such a rich, deep color that reminds me of a warm summer day on the beach (Yes, I do desperately want a relaxing summer, why do you ask?)

Size Range: 40-48B, 40-46C, 38-44D, 38-42DD, 36-40DDD, 36-38G, 36H, 50-56B, 48-56C, 46-56D, 44-56DD, 42-56DDD, 40-56G, 38-56H.


Elle Macpherson Intimates Cloud Swing Maternity Nursing Bra $62

Last but not least, this adorable soft cup maternity option from Elle Macpherson is just the cutest, reminding me with it’s mint green color of the romance of fifties’ soda shops. The lace is gorgeous and the materials look like they would hold up well under sweltering weather.

Size Range: 32-36 C-G, 38C-38FF

So, are any of these options for you? Do you like to have wireless bras in your rotation or do you just get along without them? What would your perfect wireless bra be like?


    • Ooh, thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely keep her in mid for future recommendations.

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  2. Thank you so much for this post! Haven’t been able to find pretty wirefree bras for bigger cups anywhere! I’m a 30G who loves lingerie but finds “supportive” bras terribly restricting. On the few occasions I wear a bra nowadays I end up wearing bralettes that I’ve made myself and that you can really TELL I’ve made myself, haha, so it’s great to know that there are nicer options out there.

    • I’m so glad this was helpful! I will keep my eye out and probably do a follow up post with more options in 6 months or so.

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