Ordering a Made-to-Measure Corset from Overseas, Part One: The Mock Up


I’m so excited to share with you the first step in my process of working with Alicia Rose to have a custom corset made for myself. When you’re communicating with someone on another continent about your body it’s always complicated– but the first step is always measuring. If you’re new to measuring yourself, it can be heard to figure out exactly how to measure. I have some experience with this myself, but Alicia gave me very specific instructions on exactly what she needed to know to make a mock up.

progress shot! by Alicia Rose

progress shot! by Alicia Rose

The measurements I gave her were:

Bust: 98 cm
Underbust: 84 cm
Waist: 84 cm
Hip: 99 cm
Waist to ribs: 10 cm

Taking measurements can be taxing emotionally as well as being a little tricky. Especially if you have recently gained weight, there can be a feeling that you ‘ought’ to be a certain size and the temptation to fudge or remeasure to get the result you want, rather than the one that exists.


As you might be able to tell from the measurements, I am not a very curvy person and am quite short-waisted, which are both things that will affect the way the corset will fit.

Once the mock up arrived in my apartment, I got to the most exciting bit– trying it on! What this mock up consists of is an unfinished muslin version of the corset with bones inside.


Look how graceful I am!

What I had to do once I got the corset on was to determine where (if any) there were fit adjustments to be made and take photos to show Alicia exactly where these issues were. As you can see, the corset waist might have to be made a little bit bigger and there is definitely a bit too much room for my bust.


To show Alicia how to make these changes, I have put in a couple pins at the bust as well as the front and back photos to help her out. Then, I’ve got to pop the mock up back in the mail to send back to her so she can make all the adjustments! I can’t wait to see what she does to turn this rough draft into an amazing final copy!


Do you guys have any questions about this part of the process?

  1. Yay, I’ve been waiting for this update! Thank you for acknowledging that taking measurements for yourself can be challenging in a lot of ways. Logically I know that it shouldn’t be– you’re getting a made-to-measure garment, so it will be made to fit you, rather than the other way around, but I still worry and fret about my measurements, even fairly innocuous ones like waist-to-ribs (like, will the patternmaker gasp in astonishment at my circus-like proportions!?! Answer: no, she will not, because I am a human, and my proportions are what they are, and they are totally fine). I always have to take a deep breath when I’m done and have a get-a-grip talk. I’m loving this peek behind the scenes (look at your nipped-in waist!), and I can’t wait to see the next step!

  2. Awesome idea to show the fitting process! Many corsetieres show progress/ fitting shots of their clients, but rarely do you see the client’s side. I think this will be very useful in showing new corset customers how to be as helpful and communicative as possible. :)

    Specifically regarding this mockup, it may be possible for Alicia Rose to relocate some of the space in front over to the back, so it’s more fitted in the bust area but not so tight/ causing flesh spillover in the back. Ah, the tricksy physics of overbust fitting. It just goes to show that the whole circumference measurement is not the whole story!

  3. Do you feel like this process would be workable for the average lingerie consumer? I know you have lots of super smart knowledge and skills in this area, so I’m curious how critical your being able to pin/articulate fit issues was to the final result.

  4. Hi Caro!

    I won the Alicia Rose corset pledge a few months ago!
    I was so overly happy, when she messaged me that the corset was finished a few weeks ago. However, i didn’t yet receive anything per post (I’m living outside the UK). When i tried to message her for shipping details or a tracking number, I got a mailer deamon return, which said that the email adress has been deleted. I have no idea how to contact Alicia now, as her facebook account is also down, and i can’t find a homepage either. Do you know what’s up? Have you ever received your corset? Thanks in advance for your answer!

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