Lingerie Review: Soft Paris Envoûtante Slip

Soft Paris SlipI first heard of Soft Paris when I learned that some of their pieces were used in the music videos from Beyoncé’s latest album. After I wrote about them, they reached out to me to see if I would like to try some of their products for myself. If only to embody Beyoncé for myself, I agreed.

The piece they sent me was the Envoutante slip, a sheer black slip with a fluffy, black maribou trim (and a matching thong, naturally). I also received a set of maribou pasties, which my dress form, Lady Ethel, enjoyed greatly.

Soft Paris SlipSoft Paris is a European brand which focuses on affordable lingerie with a sexy side. I enjoy the slip they sent me because it is simple, but has a sense of humor. They only do two sizes– S-L and XL-XXL and the S-L worked easily for me. 

One thing that I hadn’t even thought of, but is a great feature of this garment is that the feather trim can be easily taken on and off which allows for simple machine washing, without the hassle of making sure the feathers don’t get damaged.

Soft Paris Slip This is not the most avant garde of designs, but it’s just the sort of piece that fits in easily with any lingerie wardrobe, which is something I’m always thankful for, especially since my collection can go  in crazy directions if unchecked. This is an especially good piece if you’re relatively small chested because the stretchiness and the frill at the neckline don’t require a lot of bust to fill them out, but compliment whatever you have.

This brand is not currently available in the US, but it’s easy to order online all over Europe! I think they also do a ‘home lingerie sales parties’ thing, but I don’t know much about that.

Slip provided for review by Soft Paris. All opinions my own.

  1. Ah! Removable trim! I think that deserves a huge round of applause for the designer/engineer who insisted on this (and I’d love to know the method they used, btw). Unwashable/tough to wash trims, decoration, etc is probably the #1 reason I won’t buy otherwise wonderful items, be they lingerie or any wearable stuff (since I don’t have an unlimited professional cleaning budget- and who does, really?). I wish more nicely decorated items had a way to safely remove the embellishments for laundering ease.

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