Full Bust Lingerie Highlights for Fall/Winter 2014-2015

I have to say, I was blown away by the amazing full bust collections I saw this season. Full bust bras have often trailed behind core sizes as far as design, innovation and materials, but Fall/Winter 2014 will see so many gorgeous new offerings that strongly compete with core size offerings. Newcomers Sunday Intimates and Harlow & Fox were some of the most exciting, but Panache, Masquerade, Fantasie, Fauve and Empreinte all had exciting pieces, also. Without further ado, here are the pieces designers for fuller busts that I suggest saving up for as a holiday present:

Harlow & Fox

Given that I had never seen Harlow & Fox in person before, I was not emotionally prepared for how stunningly beautiful it was. The range is everything I would want for a high-end full bust brand, with luxury embedded in every trim, seam and lining. After feeling the deliciously soft fabrics and observing the amazing attention to detail, it’s easy to see why this is the ultimate luxury product. Fall/Winter 2014 will introduce black and crimson to blend with the gold, almond and mink already released and it’s easy to see that these would make utterly fantastic holiday presents. The robe with the tassels is easily the statement piece of the season, conjuring up Victorian gentlemen in their smoking jackets having brandy and cigars after dinner– but with a feminine twist.

Sunday Intimates

I adored Sunday Intimates‘ debut collection with its delicately retro mood, but I think that FW2014 is going to be even better. The stunning Japanese silk and the amazing glen plaid paired with lace were my two favorite sets, especially when paired with the matching pajamas. This brand has such a unique style, I think they have a great vision the type of girl who wears their product. Sunday Intimates represents the kind of luxury you want to indulge in everyday, a casual elegance that’s more contemporary than many of the other full bust offerings.


The new black and gold Clara might be the best color combination yet. I think the pale gold is so unusual and distinguished, it really sets itself apart from its predecessors (gorgeous as they were). Panache in general had a strong collection that built well of it’s previous hits, but the Clara was the only one that truly stuck in my mind. As a (mostly) core size bra wearer, I tend to focus more on ‘look’ than on ‘feel’, but I think that there are definitely some more great updates to well-loved styles this season as well, such as the Andorra’s lovely new pink colorway, gorgeous new Jasmine prints and a lovely new Fern.


Masquerade‘s new collection is definitely a great improvement over last season, with one major winner: the majestic gray and gold Aleah bra. This is definitely the bra that feels most at home in a sumptuous, medieval castle with lots of tapestries and hunting dogs. This is actually a non-padded bra and the main grey fabric is a kind of brocade that really looks striking. Masquerade actually has a second grey bra in their line-up– the Loire– which is slightly more pared down and understated. Miss Underpinnings and I disagreed on this, but I think that the Loire is a good addition to the collection for the chic woman who prefers simplicity and style to the grandeur of Aleah.


Fantasie does have some excellent new basics this season, but the sultry standout Allegra and its red lace definitely won my heart as the winner of the season. The new ‘Eclipse’ is a variation based on the well-loved ‘Rebecca’ spacer foam molded bra and one that I think will really do well for women who stylish and streamlined. Happily, it also comes in an ‘ombre’ color that is a beautiful mauve-y brown that will work well for women with darker skin tones. The Rebecca ‘Mirage’ is also a fantastic new addition, with a sophisticated, understated print. Ivana is a jewel-like collection that shines because of its deep turquoise slightly tempered with black lace.



Fauve had a small number of new offerings this season, but it still managed to have one stand-out new piece: the Isla. I am in love with the dark, understated color palette and the tattoo-like look of the lace against skin. It’s also in one of my favorite shapes: the padded half-cup. This is actually one of the bras that has most stayed in my head since Curve, since I keep observing new, interesting details in it. Definitely a must-have for fall.


Empreinte is a brand that does exquisite things each season, so it should be no surprise that A/W 2014 will be a gorgeous one. Something special to look out for is the Melody Onyx, a celebration of 5 years of the best-selling Melody seamless lace bra, thats simply dripping in luxurious guipure lace details. Another one I’m extremely excited about is the Ludmila, coming out in a beautiful dusky purple that almost looks brown. The lace against the skin is a perfect complement– and I think the pink faux lacing at the center front is actually such a whimsical, delightful addition. I have not yet had a chance to try Empreinte for myself yet, but I am so hoping that this year I might take the plunge! Melody and Ludmila are tempting me…

What is standing out to you? What do you wish was out there for next season?

  1. Harlow and Fox is quickly becoming a must have in my brain cells. Any idea what breast shape they best fit? I am a side heavy high breast root 36E, would love some fit advice as I don’t know anywhere I can actually try a piece on so I would need to (blindly) order online.

    • Hi Avigayil! So glad you like the look of the pieces. Please do take a look at Cecily’s review over at Miss Underpinnings, or I’m sure she will be happy to offer her thoughts based on her experience. Also if you are US-based, we are very excited to soon be announcing availability via a US ecommerce store, which has free shipping and bills in dollars, if this would make it easier for you to try out at home? If you want to drop me an email directly, or sign up to the mailing list at harlowandfox.co.uk/pages/contact, I’ll be sure to let you know when this is happening, or of course offer some fitting suggestions. Hope this helps!

  2. I am excited for many of these! As per usual, most won’t come in my size, and undoubtedly, my favorites (Like Fantasie’s Ivana and Fauve’s drool-worthy Isla) won’t either :( I look forward to checking out Sunday Intimates! I’ve been waiting for their launch for the last 6 months or so. Also, I noticed that the Ludmilla from Empriente looks strikingly similar to Ewa Michalak’s Chp Famme Fatale. I know there are often similarities (it would be hard not to have them), but this one bothers me. I doubt bras are copyrighted, but this seems like a rip off of Ewa’s design. Which wouldn’t be all bad if it weren’t going to be double the price of Ewa’s.

    • I’m glad you’re excited about some of these brands! I am usually quite annoyed about copying and there is a similarity between the Ewa Michalak Femme Fatale and the Empreinte Ludmila. However, if there was any copying, it would have been the other way round, as the Ludmila has been a part of the Empreinte line up for several seasons now, definitely way before the EM bra existed! Here is the most recent Ludmila version: http://www.empreinte.eu/en/catalog.aspx?l=ludmila&cat=6931

      • Ohhhh! How rude. I don’t follow Empreinte at all since they don’t come in my size/are horribly expensive, so I had no idea- though I only knew about the EM one from someone’s listing on Bratabase. I don’t like copy cats no matter what. I suppose it just adds another point to the several reasons I don’t much care for EM (well, their customer service sucks, but the bras are nice).

        I’m also excited to see that Harlow & Fox is setting up a US e-commerce site. Hooray!

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  4. The Panache Clara was a personal favorite from the show because I feel like it looks way more expensive than it is, so women with tighter budgets can get the appearance of a luxury label at a fraction of the cost. When you spoke with Eveden, did they push Fantasie harder than Fauve? My sales rep made me think they are trying to transition the Fauve customer into Fantasie and cutting back the Fauve line. A few of the Fantasie styles (Allegra comes to mind) are very reminiscent of what Favue usually stocks.

  5. What a great collection, panache’s black lace body Envy & Masquerade’s bras….in particular; roll on autum……

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