Lingerie Review: Sexy Big Pants Daphne Knickers


I have to say, when I first heard the name ‘Sexy Big Pants‘ for a new knickers line, I wasn’t too enthused. But, when I saw the cute designs from this new brand, I was quite excited, however, because it’s nice to see a brand focusing on high-waisted briefs (or ‘big pants’) because they’re so often seen a novelty piece and they’re actually my favorite type of briefs to wear for everyday.


I asked to try the “Daphne” knickers because they were my favorite style from the photos and the second I took them out of the packet, I knew they were the right choice. The mesh and microfiber fabric is incredibly soft to the touch and hugs the body beautifully.  I tried the knickers in the size M, which fit perfectly, with plenty of room. The size range is an S-XL.

Sexy Big Pants Daphne £22

My photographs don’t quite do justice to the sheerness– I recommend you look at the brand images to get a better look at what the knickers actually look like on the body. I love the criss-cross ribbons because they have a very slight corset-y look to them but not too over the top.


I have to say, I’m so, so happy these knickers came into my life. They are absolutely perfect to pair with any black lingerie set because it’s easy to match them to almost anything while still maintaining both style and comfort. I’m definitely thinking of buying another pair as an easy piece to put with my winter lingerie especially. I love the fact that these are a completely special ‘basic’ that I can always turn to with so many different pieces in my collection.

Daphne knickers provided by review by Sexy Big Pants. All opinions my own.

  1. I appreciate the name ‘Sexy Big Pants’ probably doesn’t translate very well in the US. However here in the UK there is a lot of stigma surrounding ‘Big Pants/Granny Pants/Apple Catchers/Bridget Jones Pants’ etc and so I wanted to use a little humour whilst acknowledging the stigma surrounding ‘Big Pants’. I’m hoping that in time women will embrace the brand and begin using the abbreviated term ‘SBP’ (hopefully with the same affection we have for our ‘LBD’!)

  2. As a 33″ waist and a 45″ low hip I have got called ‘big ass’ by many a rude person and thus my aversion to the term ‘big’ being associated with anything worn by my bottom – no matter how accurate the term may be. (Oh ya, Canada representing!)
    On the positive side – I think your Rachel design is very beautiful. <3

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