Lingerie Review: Curvy Kate Ritzy Bra and Boyshort

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As you may imagine, I have quite a few bras. This means that it’s hard for a new bra to enter the competition for ‘Best Bra’ (let’s just imagine that all my bras are contestants on a trashy, yet addictive reality TV show). However, I have to say that Curvy Kate‘s ‘Ritzy‘ has come in and made a big commotion– because it’s really great. This is the bra my other bras are trying to vote off the island because they’re jealous.

I’m going to back up and talk about Curvy Kate a little bit. Curvy Kate is a full bust focused brand with a size range from 28-44 backs and from a D-cup up to a K-cup (this style is available in 28-38 D-J). I’ve only recently sized into their size range, which is a little strange mentally because I still consider myself quite small-busted overall. But it’s aways good to remember that ‘D-cups’ are often a lot smaller than you think they are– and are always in relation to bandsize.


When I decided to try out Curvy Kate, however, I was very strategic about which bra to try. I tried this bra in a 32D and found both the cups and band to run true to size. As someone with not a lot of projection to my bust, I’ve learned that 3-piece cups from brands with a full bust focus are not usually the best choice because they are either too deep or they cut in too much at the top. On the other hand, vertical seamed cups and darted cups are always my friend and I have come to rely on them as the shapes to always keep me happy.


The fit and comfort on this bra are great, but it also works so well because it’s a bra that integrates well into the rest of my collection. Because of my addiction to pale pinks and turquoises, I have a hard time finding black bras that suit my fancy. The understated details on this Curvy Kate bra make it attractive, but easy to style with almost anything. I especially appreciate the stripes as a modern and stylish touch that skews more ‘menswear’ than purely feminine.

I tried the boyshorts in a size UK 12 and I found the size to be excellent and the knickers themselves to be extremely comfortable. All in all, I’m super happy with this set from Curvy Kate, which means I’ll on the look out for more bras in this shape from them because I know they work so well for me.

Have you tried Curvy Kate? What has your experience been?

Ritzy bra and brief provided for review by Curvy Kate. All opinions my own.

  1. Nice review, but I would love to know what size bra did you buy. I am dying to know if the band size fits true the size.

    Since I have shallow breasts, I think a Demi-cup might work for me :-)

    Take care,


    • Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I left that out! I tried the 32D and found the band size very true to size :).

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