New Series: Ordering A Made-To-Measure Corset From Overseas

image c/o Alicia Rose

image c/o Alicia Rose

One of my lingerie resolutions for 2013 was to learn more about corsets: naturally, it’s the beginning of 2014 and I’m still just dipping a toe in the world of corsetry and planning to bring you guys right on with me.

I did get my first (and second!) corset last year, from the inimitable Angela Friedman, but this year I’m ready to try more new things. One of the exciting new things I am debuting on the blog is a series about what it’s like to order a made-to-measure corset from overseas. I’ll be working with Alicia Rose, a UK-based corset maker. Alicia Rose is actually debuting a new program to promote custom corsetry to new people by offering one £100 corset on the first of the month, starting February 1st.

photo c/o Alicia Rose

image c/o Alicia Rose

Here is what she’s planning:

Every month, someone will have a fully made to measure corset created for them for only £100, a saving of at least £250.

To be in with a chance of being chosen, on the 1st of the month, please email Alicia with your corset pledge, stating why you should be chosen as the winning client.

Terms & Conditions:

Clients must submit a pledge on 1st of each month to be considered for the £100 Corset.
Pledges submitted on any other date will not be considered.
Clients can submit a maximum of one pledge each month.
The chosen client will be contacted within 7 days and will have 24 hours to confirm with a 75% deposit before the offer is passed to someone else.
The £100 Corset offer is open internationally, however all clients will be required to cover postage costs so please bear this in mind.
The client will receive a fully made to measure corset in either a waist cincher, underbust or overbust (not cupped) and also included will be a sample corset for fit purposes.
The corset will be constructed in a high quality cotton coutil fabric in a choice of grey, white, black or a light pink/nude.
The client has the option to upgrade to embellishment or other fabric which will be at an additional cost.

I’ll be paying £100 and working with the exact same conditions as anyone who gets the opportunity to do this with Alicia– I’ll just be sharing all the whole experience with you! Of course, if you have any tips you want to share, please let me know.

amazing detail work by Alicia Rose

amazing detail work by Alicia Rose

I want to make sure that I test out what it’s like to work with someone remotely on such a complex and intimate object. Alicia will also be sharing some of her thoughts and behind the scenes images, so you get the whole picture from both sides and if you ever thought of doing something similar, you’d have all the information necessary to make the leap.

I hope you’re as excited about this new series as I am! Let me know if there is anything you particularly want to hear about or have questions about in the comments.

  1. Wow, I cannot wait to read the next parts of this series! This seems like such a cool process, and I’m excited to see how your design turns out!

  2. This is a great series! Although I don’t want a corset, it will be interested to read about your experience! I might learn something that I can apply to bra making!

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