Lingerie Review: Avocado’s Kyoto, Reglisse and Caprice


Avocado is a Polish lingerie brand that I was introduced to by Miss Underpinnings and it’s been a lingerie love affair ever since I tried the Soir de Paris set a few months ago. When I recently decided to purchase a ‘Kyoto’ set from Avocado, they kindly offered to send me a couple of other sets to try out, so I have the opportunity to give you my thoughts on the Avocado collection.

There are actually five different bra styles that Avocado produces and I’ve now tried 4 out of the 5 styles. Miss Underpinnings has given you her thoughts on these styles in an extremely helpful blog post, but I also wanted to share my experiences.



Kyoto was the first set from Avocado I fell in love with and when I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, I knew it had to be mine. The Kyoto is their ‘A’ shape 3-piece cup, made of a stiff latte-colored mesh and the most gorgeous cherry blossom embroidery. I tried the 75C (equivalent to a 34C), which worked very well for me, although there was the very tiniest bit of bagginess in the cup (I’m in between sizes now, so that is really to be expected). The shape is pretty typical for a 3-piece cup and the latte was a lovely color against my skin. I feel like it might even be better for someone with darker skin because it would blend beautifully!


I once again got the matching shorties and I find them to be the perfect everyday underwear. I personally have trouble with anything super high or super low rise and I love the stiff front that does very gentle shaping under dresses.



Caprice may be in beige, but it certainly doesn’t seem like a basic. Lingerie is such a small but important garment, the interplay of textures is part of what makes a nice piece into an exceptional one. I tried the ‘H’ shape of the Caprice (the ‘A’ shape is also available) and really loved the uplifted, rounded shape. This bra is slightly more full-coverage, but it really makes a gorgeous silhouette. Sizewise, I also tried a 75C and found it equivalent to the 75C in the ‘A’ shape.


The color is a bit too dark to actually match my  skin tone, but I find that it works decently as a ‘nude’ anyway. The texture means that it might not be suitable for a tissue-thin t-shirt, but it’s very wearable under almost everything else. This is surely going to be particularly strong in the spring and summer when pale colored lingerie is essential!



I have a surprisingly small amount of black lingerie for a lingerie blogger. For some reason, the draw of pastels and neons tends to have me missing out on sophisticated black! This is not a set to miss out on. One of the things I like best about Avocado is their wonderful eye for brilliant lace choices that are unusual enough to be original, but still have a classic feel. Make sure you check out the cut-outs on the lace cups! I should also add that the stretchy wings on this bra are made of a thick material almost like a neoprene, which is an unusual, but interesting choice.


The Reglisse is the ‘K’ shape, which is more projected than the other two bras and I found the 75C a bit too big. If you find that you tend to need more fullness in the cup, this is probably the one I would go for. Personally, this shape may not be fully compatible with me because my bust is shallower and not particularly projected. The full brief on these panties is a little softer than the other briefs and extremely comfortable.

If you want to learn about Avocado’s ‘D’ style bra, check out my review of the Avocado ‘Soir de Paris’ set!

The Reglisse and Caprice sets were provided for review by Avocado. All opinions my own.

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