Lingerie Review: Leonisa Smoothing Bodysuit and High Waisted Shaping Briefs


Leonisa reached out to me a few months ago to try some of their products and I was intrigued– I had yet to find a shapewear brand that worked for me and they had some really promising products that I thought could integrate well into my lingerie wardrobe.

They sent me two pieces to test out: the Leonisa smoothing bodysuit and the vintage interlace high waist panty. I requested the bodysuit in a size 34B and the high-waisted panties in a size small (for extra shaping power).


The bodysuit worked out very well. Surprisingly, it was made of thicker fabric than I imaged, almost like a neoprene. The shaping was generally smoothing, which was nice under clothes and removed any bumps or ridges. Given that the cups were made of a stretchy fabric, I did find that they slightly compressed my boobs and flattened my chest, which is good under certain clothes, but not so much if you’re going for a super curvy/retro silhouette. The bottom of the bodysuit had a set of hooks, which was handy for general taking on and off purposes and going to the bathroom!


The high waist panty was a much, much more shaping piece and I really like that about it. It did require a bit of a herculean effort to get on (a lot of tugging) but it did an amazing job of creating a smooth shape. The only issue I had with it is one that I’ve had before with other pieces that come up above my waist– despite the silicone strip, the top tended to roll down and create an extra tight squeeze around my waist. This is actually an issue I’ve had before with other products that come up above my waist and I think might have to do with how my body is shaped, rather than a problem with the product itself: because I’m short-waisted, my body widens right about my waist, which can be difficult for anything high to grip onto. Next time, I would probably pick something more like these short panties instead.

Lingerie provided for review by Leonisa. All opinions my own.

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  1. I wonder how long you had the bodysuit on and if you were using it while going out. So far my experiences with that type of shape wear are not that good. They may feel ok while putting them on but once you’re out and about, especially when moving through places with different temperatures, they can get very uncomfortable.
    May be just me, wonder what others have to say…

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