Is There Such Thing As A Practically Perfect Basic? 11 Pretty Bras to Fit Different ‘Nudes’

Fraulein Annie  Scene d’Amour Multiway Bra £48.00

Often my lingerie imagination can run away from itself and I just want to show you more and more crazy designs– but truth to be told, sometimes we really need to go back to the basics. A good bra that blends with your skin tone may seem like an obvious necessity, but it can be hard to find the perfect piece to be your go-to for any occasion. I tried to include colors that would be ‘nude’ for many different skin tones– you may notice that none of the models are non-white, however, which makes it more difficult to imagine these bras on different shades of skin, a perennial problem with the lack of diversity among lingerie models.

As an added bonus, all bras on this list retail for under $90 :).

I’ve had my eye on this Fraulein Annie 3-piece set for a while– but it’s the new photos and the darling new model that have my need for this set growing. The delightful cream color might be a little pale for some, but people with my type of coloring, it might be just perfect. Size Range: 32A-38D


I have raved about Mimi Holliday before, but I think this bra is perfect as an everyday bra with a bit of flair to it. The grey and pink leopard is a fun detail that adds visual interest and a little bit of sexiness. This is definitely a set I would love to have in my collection! Size Range: 28D-FF, 30A-36DD

Fauve Lucia Bra $78

This is a beautifully luxe set that’s also easy to wear on an everyday basis. Fauve does a really good job of keeping rich chocolates and mahoganies in their collections, as well as creams and blushes. I also love the fact that it has a matching garter belt! Size Range: 30D-40G

eLai Lever Du Soleil bra £27

This eLai set is so lovely and simple, with a bronzed color that works with many skin tones. This is the only wireless bra I decided to include and I chose it because of the simple design and the beautiful color– doesn’t it seem like an easy one to wear? Size Range: XS-L

Bradelis Prima2010 Bra $78.00

I actually recommend Bradelis a lot because I find their bras both really cute and insanely comfortable. I have a turquoise version of this bra, but I try to make it work as a basic as often as I can! I might have to expand my collection to include a cream or pink one– but I recommend the brown to you all as well. Also– if you live in NYC, you can get the bras tailored down to a smaller back size for free if you need it! Size Range: 30-34B-D.

Panache Loretta Balconette Bra $62

The rich caramel color and the fan embroidery of this Panache bra make it a shoe-in for this list. I think this is a nice basic with a touch more pizzaz in the detail.  Size Range: 30-38 D-K

Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou L’amour Non Padded Maxi Bra  ON SALE for $49.80

This darling pink and ivory bra from Mimi Holliday is one of their ‘maxi’ bras, going up to a GG cup. I love the fact that the ivory lace lessens the strength of the pink underneath and together evens out to a convincing skin tone. It’s also on sale from Figleaves right now! Size Range: 28G-28GG, 30G-30GG, 32FF-32GG, 34F-34GG, 36E, 38DD-38E, 40D-40E

Elomi Rita Underwired Multiway Banded Bra $60

This Elomi bra is a fun take on a basic bra with fantastic scalloping detail. The picture may not make it clear, but the color is actually a rich caramel color, more bronze than beige, which is a nice medium skin tone. Size Range: 34 G-K, 36-40 E-K, 42E-HH, 44E-H, 46E-FF

Affinitas Rosé of Sunshine Unlined Bra $37.99

I saw this Affinitas set recently when I went to visit with their PR agency and I was immediately taken with the adorable bows! To me this works so easily as a basic, at a good price and a cute style. Size Range: 32B-38D

Ewa Michalak S Czekolada

Ewa Michalak’s bras are well know in the full bust community for their impressive lift and size range. This is one of the few foam bras I included on the list, but I just think the profile is so beautiful. The rich brown is a wonderful color and it has a charming lace on the band.

Size Range: only a few sizes available, but can be custom ordered to down to a 28-back and up to a KK-cup

Playful Promises Limited Edition Eva Pin-tuck Bra £30.00

This limited edition set from Playful Promises was coincidentally designed by Eva Lai, the designer from eLai! I love the blush color and the matching high-waisted briefs because they give it such a cute, vintage air. I also adore the mint bows– and they are perfectly styled with matching stockings! Size Range: 32A-36DD

What do you think of these sets? Do you have a favorite bra for everyday?



  1. I have the Playful Promises ‘Eva’ set and it’s a pretty good nude colour on my pale skin. Such a shame you couldn’t find shots of darker coloured sets on models of colour. Someone’s really missing a trick there!

  2. Technically, I think at least the girl in the Mimi bra is “non-white”, although funny enough she is in one of the palest bras. I think perhaps brands like to have the contrast of the bra from the skin tone to make in pop in photos more and to make it appeal to a wider audience than “just a nude bra” for a one specific skin tone?

  3. I love the Playful Promises, but I hesitate. I’ve only ever ordered one thing from overseas, and it took about 2 months to arrive due to customs (I’m in the US). What’s it like ordering lingerie? Are there customs duties, and does it take forever? And what on earth does one do about returns if it doesn’t fit?

    • Hi Jen! I’m sorry to hear about having such a difficult time last time you ordered overseas– I do it all the time and never have had any such trouble. I’ve found that Playful Promises has great shipping and you shouldn’t expect customs or duties unless you have a really big ticket order (I’ve never had to deal with it). I personally love ordering from all over the world because there are so many cool things our there. I wish you the best of luck!

  4. thanks for featuring the Elomi Rita bra; I have a couple myself & they fit well & are soooooo comfy with the multiway straps especially for a “heavy breasted” girl……..

  5. There are some great tips in your post, thanks. I love a simple nude bra and sometimes there so hard to find. I love the sweet coloured bows on the Playful Promises set and it’s great that I can get it in the UK!

    Lara M
    Indie Chic

  6. I often have difficulty in finding a brad that matches my skin tone (which is quite pale). I think its easier to do in the shop but then the choice is limited. Buying online is always a risk when it comes to colour but you have more choice.

    Some great ideas!

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