Happy Strappy Time: Some Of My Favorite Harnesses Around Right Now

FYI by Dani Read Shibari Rope Harness $156

Harness have been getting more and more popular in the lingerie world in the last couple years and have even made the crossover into outerwear. They’re one of my favorite lingerie accessories to mix with outerwear while also making my lingerie look cooler– which is why I was shocked to realize that I had not yet dedicated a whole blog post to them. In recompense, I offer some of my favorite harnesses available right now.

I saw this FYI by Dani Read harness way back in last September, but it’s stayed on my mind since then. I love the fact that the Shibari harness can be tied in so many different ways– the rope techniques can also be used for actual bondage if you feel like it, which is a fun bonus.

Zana Bayne Oxford Harness $130

Zana Bayne has been the leader of harnesses as fashion and she has a ton of cool harnesses in her store. Honestly, this one is one of my favorite because the collar has such a preppy feeling to it– a bit unexpected for a harness. Luckily, if you want one to match your penny loafers, she also has this harness in brown leather. (Now I want it in brown, dammit.)

EPUU Essilia Harness $42

I only recently found this lace harness on Etsy, but I really like it. It’s unlike the others on this list because it’s so delicate and made of lace rather than leather. The crochet is handmade and comes all the way from Turkey. I’d love to see it paired with lingerie, although the product photo also makes it seem like it goes well with even just a plain t-shirt.

Hopeless Maja Harness $70

I’ve loved this Hopeless harness ever since it first came out– I’ve actually featured on the blog twice before! (In an outfit post and my boudoir shoot, if you’re curious). The cut out leather is just so pretty, I couldn’t leave it off this list– I highly recommend it, if you’re interested in an easy to style, comfortable and stylish harness.

Karolina Laskowska Lidia Harness £45

Karolina Laskowska is a great designer who really understands elastic harnesses. I actually have one of her older harness designs, the Kordelia harness, but I think this variation ‘The Lidia‘ might be even cooler! Obviously it goes beautifully with some embellished nipple pasties, but it would also look good as an outerwear piece.

Chromat Leather Ornate V Harness $375

I love Chromat because Becca, the designer, doesn’t seem bound by the normal rules of what should and shouldn’t be a garment– which is exactly what makes her designs so awesome. I love the rivets on this harness, and the architectural, almost Art Deco segmentation of the leather straps.

LMcK1 Ace of Spades Shoulder Harness

LcMcK1 is a designer I only recently discovered on Etsy, but I love what she’s doing with harnesses! This one with the cool shoulder bubbles is one of my favorite pieces because of how bold it is, but she also makes some other interesting shoulder harnesses.

Bordelle Voyeur Harness £204

Bordelle is known for their bondage inspired pieces, so it’s no surprise that they have a fantastic harness as part of their collection. I think the shoulder detail is what distinguishes this piece and gives it a sophisticated quality; the metal rings are also a great touch. I imagine this would look amazing over a simple, black, bias-cut gown.

Norwegian Wood Road Warrior Harness – Ombre Beaded Fringe $85.00

A harness with shoulder fringe? Did Norwegian Wood read my mind? I love this combination– I’m not sure exactly what you would wear it with, but I feel sure that this would make it fabulous. And if you ever got bored, a shake of that shoulder fringe and you would have to fight down the urge to do a jitterbug or two.


  1. A blogger-friend of mine wears these as outerwear and I was startled the first time I saw one. Wasn’t sure what to make of it. They are cute and the above are exceptional examples.

  2. Thanks for this post! I love the Road Warrior harness. Just enough costume for every day for me. I ordered a Maja last week and I can see where my fabric funds are going.

  3. A week ago I ordered my first harness, the Retro harness from Kiss me Deadly. I can’t wait for it to come in. I think my favourite harness ever was the Aiko waistcoat by Lascivious. These are all lovely harnesses though the lace one was quite different.

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