Lingerie Review: Fleur of England Rose Lace Cup Balcony Bra and Shortie

Fleur of England Rose Lace Bra

I bought this beautiful, pink Fleur of England bra when I visited Coco de Mer in July, but I am only just getting around to reviewing it because I wanted to give it several wears before giving you my thoughts.

I fell in love with this bra when the entire ‘Rose’ collection came out in time for Valentine’s Day. The color is a delicate pink that actually goes perfectly with my skin tone, which means I can wear it as a practically invisible layer under any top. The floral lace is so beautiful, looking both luxurious and complex while feeling extremely soft against the skin. Fleur (the designer) has an amazing eye for beautiful lace and this set is no exception.

Fleur of England Rose Lace Bra

Sizing is where this bra gets a little complicated. Right now I’m chiefly wearing a combination of 34B and 32C bras, with a few outliers in both directions. When I went into Coco de Mer, the only one of this bra that was available was a 32DD– I usually wouldn’t try it, but it was just so pretty I couldn’t resist. And it turned out that it was a good size! Naturally I bought it right then and there.

Even though the bra felt perfect in the shop, when I wore it for the first time it began to feel quite painful as I wore it throughout the day, which was naturally very distressing! At the end of the day, I realized that the real problem was that it was just too tight.

Fleur of England Bra

Happily, it was easy to pick up an extender and that made all the difference in the world!  With the extender the bra became equivalent to a size 34D, and the fit was basically perfect. I could have done with a center gore that was a centimeter or so shorter, but it’s not an issue when I push the wires towards the outside of their wire casings. After adding the extender, the bra is equivalent to a size 34D, about 2 cup sizes and one band size up from my usual size, which is something you should keep in mind when trying to figure out what size to wear in Fleur of England’s wired bras.

I also shouldn’t forget the ‘shortie’ knickers– they are so gorgeous! They have a relatively high rise, which I think is very flattering, while also being extremely sheer. I decided to get a size L because I prefer to err on the size of larger rather than smaller when it comes to knickers, but I probably could have fit into a M in this style.

I really love this entire set, it’s the perfect example of what a luxury lingerie set should be. As tricky as the sizing can be, Fleur of England’s materials and designs are impeccable and I am extremely happy with this set– it’s definitely going to be worn plenty!

(Also, If you’re interested in the collection, there are currently some pieces on sale at Journelle!)



  1. Fleur of England is absolutely next on my luxury wishlist. I think I will have trouble trying to choose my favourite set, but thank you for the tips on the sizing! I am in love with their laces, and although this shade of pink is not exactly my favorite, I would have fallen for it anyway. because it’s so beautiful! Fleur always do a great, great job.

    • Yes, Fleur of England is so beautiful! I think the shade of pink is tricky for some, but it works for me because of how it blends with my skin– there are a few sets available at Journelle on sale now and I’ve been eye-ing them :).

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