One Year Blogiversary and Angela Friedman Corset Giveaway

One year ago today, I published my first post on The Lingerie Lesbian. Isn’t that crazy? I’m not sure whether it feels incredibly long ago or incredibly recently, but it still feels new and overwhelming. If you want to skip over some reminiscing and get right to the giveaway, go the end :).

This year has been crazy and awesome. I went to CurveNY and Lingerie Fashion Week. I was published on Jezebel and interviewed on Autostraddle. I made my first bra and got into FIT. All in all, I can’t believe everything that has happened.

Some of my favorite posts from the last year:

Whether you’re a new fan or have been with me for the past year, I think you should get a reward for all the support and encouragement you’ve given me, which is why I am holding this giveaway.


When I was deciding what to give away I knew that I had to choose something that I personally love. This Angela Friedman waspie was my first corset and one I love dearly, which is why I am so excited to give you guys a chance to win one yourselves! The corset is available in black with raspberry ribbon, ivory with baby blue ribbon or (the Lingerie Lesbian special) pink with white ribbon! The waspie will fit sizes XS-XL (size chart + color options).

Angela Friedman Waspie Corset, $190

To enter to win this waspie all you need to do is write me a comment describing where you would wear it! You will also receive additional entries by following me and Angela Friedman on Twitter and Facebook and Tweeting about the giveaway. Enter the Rafflecopter below!

Giveaway ends on July 12th at 11:59 PM. Get entering!

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    • I love the look of the black with raspberry ribbon! Something about those two colors makes me feel delightfully alluring, like I should have shiny magenta lips when I wear it. I would wear it anytime I need a boost of confidence, which has been and will be many times in the course of my life.

  1. Congratulations, Caro! So excited for your 1 year :). I think you’ve changed and influenced the lingerie blogosphere for the better, it definitely would not be the same without you! I have to say, I think my favorite post of yours was the one about posting lingerie/boudoir photos on the internet. That is something I still struggle with every day because of my career, but I hope someday to move into a more creative atmosphere where pictures like that are encouraged and empowering instead of frowned upon. I could go on for hours…

    Also, now we’re friends. I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when my internet friends become real ones. =) Yay!

    A corset giveaway is so fitting. The pink/ivory looked so pretty on you, but I would probably choose the black/raspberry and experiment with wearing it similar to the way you did (over a dress). I’d be curious to try it underneath a dress to see the different shape it gives my body, because corsets are crazy like that. Also, I’d have something other than a harness to wear to our lingerie lunches/drinks/dinners. 😉

    xo and congratulations again!

  2. Thank you so much for a wonderful year of blogging! When I came here from The Lingerie Addict and read back through all your “content” posts (the thinky ones about gender and sex and, you know…lingerie+) I was disappointed there weren’t more. I hope you keep blogging for a long time!

    If I had that waspie, where WOULDN’T I wear it? Riding my bike to work, but that’s about it. I would definitely wear that thing around the house, which is my favorite place to wear my pretty things so they don’t get all sweaty in my humid town. I like to look pretty when I’m home alone. Gives me something to look at :)

  3. Congratulations on the 1-year mark!

    I would totally wear this waspie wherever and whenever I could. I’m really beginning to fall in love with luxurious lingerie, now that I’ve moved away from exclusively reading full-bust lingerie blogs, and corsets are no exception! I think they are all gorgeous, and I can see integrating them in my wardrobe with no problem. I’m planning a trip to New Orleans soon, and would love to break it in down there!

  4. Congratulations! I’ve loved reading your posts this year, and I hope to see many more :)

    I don’t have any events in particular to wear pretty lingerie for, but that hasn’t stopped me yet. I can see myself wearing the black and raspberry corset with a sheer black robe, just around the house. There’s something oddly empowering about wearing beautiful pieces just for the sake of it, and I’m sure this corset would be no exception.

  5. I would love to wear the waspie somewhere fun, like a masquerade party! It would look so sexy and really elegant. I’d like to try pairing it down with something more simple and everyday to make that look special, to potentially wear it to dinner, etc.

  6. I would definitely love the black and raspberry one, and I would wear it to work! (I’m a dominatrix, so I get to show off awesome lingerie as “business casual” all the time.)

  7. I’m not in it for the corset, really, just wanted to thank you for this wonderful, thoughtful blog. You have managed to incorporate lingerie in so many aspects of our lives while doing so in a very refreshing and thoughtful way.
    Many happy returns of the day!!!

    Now… since you’ve asked and who knows, maybe I’ll even win, I’ll just say that as someone who doesn’t wear corsets very often I’ll be very interested to see what I come up with this one. My initial inclination is to wear it over a tunic of some sort that will go over legging of some sort for a social occasion of some sort once the weather gets a little cooler. Of some sort…

  8. I’d chose the ivory with blue ribbon and wear it EVERYWHERE. I recently started to waist train and love the way a tight embrace from an undergarment feels on my body, and the shape it produces on that body. I think I’d also have to dig out my creativity and make a costume around this waspie. I’m thinking Sailor Moon, Alice in Wonderland or maybe even Cinderelly :) Congratulations on your first year, here’s to many more!!

  9. Although I’m a fairly new follower of your blog, having only learned about it a few months ago, I love reading what you have to say. Some of the points you make resonate strongly with me and I wish more people thought like you.
    As far as the corset goes, I’m fairly intrigued by the idea of wearing it over a dress. I’ve been meaning to get some belts for wearing over dresses, and a corset would achieve the same waist-defining look in an unexpected way. Under a dress with a belt would probably look great, too.

  10. I’d love it in ivory with baby blue ribbon. As for where to wear it? I have a number of job interviews coming up this next year and it would be great to have it for something extra special that only I know about underneath a business suit. 😀

  11. I would love to have it in the black with a pencil skirt and sheer blouse on top to give sexy without showing everything. happy blog birthday xx

  12. I only discovered your blog a couple months ago – but it’s one that I have followed religiously ever since! I love lingerie. It’s an addiction I have struggled with balancing as a feminist with my ideas about identity, female sexuality and sexual expression. I love that you talk about the construction of the garments, inspirations and experiences with the lingerie fashion world. Thanks so much for writing this blog!

  13. Congrats on your 1 year! I found your blog through both Jezebel and The Lingerie Addict and I find it so refreshing to see a take on all of the pretty things that isn’t just for the male gaze, or for men at all! I loved your recent article on the “unfeminine” lingerie, or what some people consider unfeminine, because I LOVE lingerie that just is. That is neutral, and is so very sexy, in fact just as if not more so depending on the person and the situation. Anyway, I’m a huge fan!
    Xo from a lipstick lebsian who no one believes likes girls because I like lingerie. You are an inspiration :)

  14. I’m absolutely in love with this blog, although now I’m hopeless addicted to getting cute new underthings. So I really want to thank you for starting it. It makes me really happy and helps me feel super comfortable with my girly side that I sometimes struggle with. And I’m really excited for whoever get the prize!

    As for the waspie, I would probably pick the white and blue, it would look so Alice in Wonderland and that would suit my excitement for all the new changes in life I’m about to experience. I’d wear it absolutely everywhere! I think a waspie would look lovely over a lace detail button down shirt with skinny jeans and boots or over a cute a-line dress with sandals. I’m a little giddy just thinking about what else I could pair it with.

  15. I would wear this on special nights out, It would be perfect with my favourite little black dress at salsa night :)

  16. The waspie is beautiful! I would have to decide between the pink and white and the ivory and blue, both are lovely pastel colours. I love waspies because they’re so versatile when I don’t fancy wearing a full corset but want a bit of waist accentuation.

    Happy bloggy birthday too! You’ve written some amazing posts in your first year and I look forward to reading many more of your articles in years to come!

    Becky x

  17. Congrats!!! I was so happy when I discovered your blog, it made me learn that I was not alone on my lingerie love.

    I’d certainly wear it everywhere! I’ve been interested in corseting, particularly for good posture, for some time now. The ivory one is beautiful!! I’ve only recently realized that ivory is my second favourite lingerie colour!

    Congratulations again, and thank you for being the Lingerie Lesbian!

  18. I’m so happy for your blog’s anniversary and for all the achievements you made this year! I am a big fan and love how you express your opinions, so it’s a happy time for all of us!

    And I must say this is a super nice giveaway, because I really like corsets and this seems like an absolutely perfect one for the everyday. I loved the black+raspberry one because I love black (cliché, I know…) and it seems so chic (and with a heavy touch. perfect). I’d wear it with a pencil skirt and a sheer shirt, or maybe with a sheer black dress I have on my closet. Something fluid and sexy totally matches the style of the waspie.

    And, once again, congratulations! I hope that I can see you growing even more on the blog and on the fashion industry, from now on! 😉

  19. Congratulations on the anniversary. Your blog is really an achievement. Thanks for the links to your favorite posts — I’m heading off to read them now.

    Corsets are fun fashion and this one is cute. Don’t enter me in the giveaway ’cause I’m ginormous in size.

  20. I’d wear it over dresses and under this one dress that I think needs a touch of shape and to class a lot. I have literally always wanted a corset.

  21. Well done lovely! I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with your blog the past few months, some wonderful recommendations and otherwise just enjoyable reading. Plus I get to look at fabulous underwear without buying it all, which luckily sates it quite well.
    I’m yet another who loves corsets and waspies- funny shape and they give me something to be alright about, sometimes even to enjoy. The black and red looks stunning, I’d probably wear it over a particular black dress I have which is fitted at the top, and flows out from the hip. Seems like it would go!

  22. I’d wear it all the time! I’ve never owned a corset before (and I’m too broke to buy one), but it’s something that I’ve been wanting to splurge on for a while. I’d wear it underneath a lot of stuff, but I also really love the underwear-as-outerwear trend, so I’d love to experiment with that!

  23. I really frickin’ like reading your blogs, the articles are really interesting & make me feel a little more educated each time :) I would wear it day in day out if I owned something this awesome! It’d be fun to wear once in a while on a regular day, just so you feel a little bit naughty underneath but no one knows! And of course it’d be perfect for certain occasions 😉 This waspie would also be the final piece in making me look like a bad ass superheroine!

  24. I love your blog, I’ve been here most of your year I think! The content never fails to be interesting and with many intellectual posts about self image and gendered power dynamics, you really made me feel more comfortable in wearing lingerie for myself, not for partners/because of pressure etc. Also it’s been so helpful as having really quite big breasts with a small band size as a teenager, bra shopping literally made me cry. On more than one occasion. Now it’s something that I look forward to because of finding out from you & other similar blogs about bigger brands with pretty designs, so a massive thank you!

    Okay so yeah I would get it in black and red because that is a killer combo and I’d wear it over a cute black dress on dates because damn I love attention, ahaha. Or over a black lacy shirt, with a black skirt, backseamed thigh highs and high-high heels. I really like black. Also, being so young and being in full time education and having an unpaid writing job (which I love, but stiiill) I would literally never be able to afford it.

    Thank you for putting so much effort into this blog, it really shows.

  25. I love this! I’ve been wanting a waspie to wear over some silk dresses – one is black with purple sequins and the other is hot pink with black sequins.

  26. The black & raspberry ribbon (M). Their is never a wrong time or place to wear good lingerie! Congratulations on a fabulous first year!

  27. Congrats on your year of blogging, that’s so exciting! I’ve been hooked on your posts for several months now–it’s so refreshing to read posts from my end of the Kinsey scale :)

    Where would I wear a waspie? Everywhere, of course! 😀 I’m already known throughout work as the Girl With Interesting Clothes, but a full-size corset has always seemed too much for work, aside from the cost and matter of finding one my size!

  28. I would wear it everywhere! I’ve been wanting a wide belt and this would be better by scales of magnitude.

  29. I think I would love a beautiful turquoise and pink! Like a candy colored waspie :) Or maybe something more like a teal and black? All I know is that some form of blue will be involved! :) Thanks so much and happy blog anniversary!

  30. Congratulations! I love your blog, it’s always so interesting! I’ve never worn a waspie before, but it’s adorable and I would love to try wearing one. I’m sure I could find somewhere to wear it :)

  31. Wow, only a year? Thank you for your unique contribution to the online lingerie community!
    Hm… where? At home, while I’m gardening… Really, where wouldn’t I wear it?

  32. So proud of my amazing big sister! You are going to kick ass at FIT! I expect gifts of personalized, handmade lingerie soon…

  33. I would wear it everywhere! I think I would have a lot of fun wearing it somewhere mundane, like the grocery store. It would be like I had this fun little secret. 😉

  34. Congratulations, happy one year!
    I’d wear that corset everywhere to help me feel a little better after giving birth to my little one in a few weeks :)

  35. I’m so happy I found your site! I’m a rabid lingerie fan and it was fantastic to find a blog that wasn’t just woman-positive, size-positive and inclusive of many different body types and gender identities but one that spoke to queerness. To this day, The Lingerie Lesbian is one of the places I feel most comfortable as a femme lesbian.

    I’d adore the black and raspberry waspie. I’m a burlesque and exotic dancer and it would look amazing in some of my routines… not to mention just wearing it around the house!

    Congratulations for a year of writing, Caro, and I hope to be reading your work for a very long time!

  36. I would wear it to costume school as that is where I gained the confidence to be able to wear different things!

  37. I think I’d do a grey and purple or grey and green, something to go with a lingerie set I already have. I’ve been needing a waspie to wear as a belt over loose dresses for a retro look!

  38. Easy, everywhere! This would be an awesome accessory to one of my favorite everyday outfits, black skinnies with a black tank top that has the logo of my favorite band in red on it =) It would also go perfectly with my favorite lingerie set, which is also black and red, so I could wear it as both outerwear and as lingerie! =)

  39. I would wear the black/raspberry corset mostly with long skirt, especially ones with floofy petticoats, and lace blouses for a soft slightly gothic look. Or with more formal skirts and tops for formal occasions (perhaps with a Venetian mask), otherwise just everyday wear. Over dresses, over shirts and trousers (or shorts and tights) and a tailcoat. I find corsets super versatile :)

  40. Ugh I need a waspie so bad! I really need something to start off my waist training and this would be so perfect!

  41. I would wear this does my love, and possibly out to a party or concert! I would absolutely love to wear the ivory and baby blue <3 thanks so much for this opportunity!

  42. I would love to try the black and raspberry one, and I would probably wear it over black dresses to perform in – I love dramatic clothing for stage.

  43. I would love the pale pink and white I e too, it’s so whimsical! I would wear it while playing the piano, and feel all prim and whimsical.
    Also, I love your blog and am gla that you have enjoyed so much success

  44. Congratulations on a blogiversary!
    You are doing incredible job, there are a lot of lingerie blogs, but yours is really outstanding and special! Can’t believe that you are blogging only one year. So I wish you to keep it going and a lot of inspiration! And fun!

    And about corset, black with raspberry XS, please )

  45. I’ve never owned one of these before, so I would probably go a little crazy and wear it everywhere! Under day clothes to feel sneakily sexy, over dresses for going out, and with just some other cute lingerie pieces to surprise my boo. I would love the raspberry and black!

    PS congrats on your first year!

  46. I would looove the black with raspberry! I already have so many sets I could wear it with! I would wear it under some of the lovely dresses I’ve bought for the summer!

  47. I would absolutely wear it as part of my arm wrestling costume (I arm wrestle on a ladies’ charity league)! I’d also wear it to dinner and the ballet and stuff when I want to be fancy.

  48. I would have to wear something this awesome and sexy to all the places I feel least awesome and sexy: to high school reunions, job interviews, parties with people I don’t know, and dentist appointments.

  49. I’d wear the black and red one over my red bandage waist maxi dress, with a flowy chiffon skirt slit up the thigh, to my graduation ball. I don’t know many people that will be there, but they will remember me as a badass.

  50. Congrats, beauty! I’d definitely go for the pink/white corset and wear it next time someone will make me feel sexy and accepted for who I am. It would be my happy-again piece of clothing :)

  51. I love the look of the black with raspberry ribbon waspie! I’d rock that at the annual Renaissance festival in my home state. It’d fit the theme nicely as well.

  52. I’d definitely choose the black/raspberry color combo, because I have more black clothing/lingerie then I am actually comfortable admitting to, and I like functionality! I love the idea of using a waspie as a “wear over your clothes” item, as my longline corset just doesn’t work for that!
    I would love to wear this to this year’s Outfest in Philadelphia this October. I like turning heads, and that’s a huge audience!

  53. I love Angela Friedman designs, and her workmanship is incredible. I was lucky to be her intern and event model to wear it first hand 😉 I would wear it out over a gown or long skirt and blouse, it would really make an interesting evening wear piece!

  54. While I am a fairly new follower I had seen you on The Lingerie Addict before and I have to say I love your take on lingerie in general! That being said, for the corset I think I could wear a waspie almost anywhere if I was wearing a dress, it’s just the right size to be super comfortable :).

  55. Ever since I found your blog late last year, I’ve found your perspective on the lingerie industry endlessly interesting. You’ve brought so many different independent brands to my notice and so many different aesthetics, so thank you and I’m looking forward to seeing more from you this year.
    I’ve never worn a corset before, but wearing one, even for daily life, would be fun. I would wear it whenever and wherever possible.

  56. Congratulations on your first year! I’ve read some of your posts after seeing them mentioned on the Lingerie Addict blog, and though I’ve not read them all I love your views on lingerie. I believe in it being for yourself primarily and then if others (male or female) happen to like it too its a bonus.

    As for the corset, I’m entering for a friend as I personally don’t like the colour options (pink and blue are the two colours I really don’t like) and being short waisted, I’m not sure how much it would be a waspie as opposed to a regular underbust corset (10.5″ is longline on me). I’d be gutted if I won and it didn’t fit me!
    So yeah, this is for a friend and I know that said friend would wear it anywhere and everywhere possible because she is training down to be teeny tiny and this would be an ideal everyday corset for when less extreme reductions are more appropriate.

  57. I LOVE THIS CORSET! I’d love to have the ivory with baby blue ribbon in a Medium size, and I would wear this for my husband =] He has a fondness for seeing me in corsets.

  58. This waspie is adorable! I would wear it almost anywhere :) I think it would look smashing with black skinny trousers and a loose blouse.

  59. Where would I wear it? Everywhere! I’d love to wear corsets all day, every day but I prefer a bra so this would be the perfect compromise :)

  60. On second thoughts, since I didn’t spot there’s an ivory & baby blue version, maybe even my wedding lingerie. Or not, because that’s 2 years away and who can wait that long to wear something like this!!

  61. I’d love to wear black and raspberry on my husbands birthday. Baking a cake in Parfait Affinitas lingerie and a waspie would surely be a nice surprise.
    As a new mom I have lost some weight and all my clothes are too big and I have not made time to get new ones. So my mister sees me mostly in baggy old clothes.

  62. I really like your blog because you cover a wide range of topics, from social issues to introducing new brands to outfits. I am not sure where I’d wear the raspberry and black one, but it certainly demands an evening out.

  63. I’d be thinking about joining the properly made, steel-boned corset-wearing world for a while, so a beautiful waspie like this would be a perfect introduction. The black and blush (or maybe lusty rose?) would be perfect for all my outer- and underwear needs. I could wear this a costume piece, or out for special events, but like a lot of the other comments here, I’d love to wear this everywhere.

  64. It’s so lovely! I’d wear the black and raspberry one to concerts with some black jeans, big hair, and a leopard print jacket so I’d feel like I was in a glam metal band.

  65. Since I just started getting into corsets, it would be nice to have one that I would feel more comfortable wearing as outerwear as opposed to straight underwear. I love the black with raspberry and I would definitely be able to match that to my closet.

  66. I’d love the waspie in ivory with blue and wear it to work with jeans. Maybe it would stop me slouching so much.

  67. I would love the black n rasberry one!! Im in cosmetology school and habe to wear all black, id love a way to stand out amongst all the girls that i spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week with!! And being a newly divorced single mom I want to feel sexy again! Please let me win!!

  68. I love the black and raspberry. DC is such a stuffy town. I’d wear it under my business attire for meetings in the federal buildings (congress, white house, etc.) Life is too short, right?

  69. I would definitely choose the black and raspberry one. I am a sucker for almost any shade of red, especially combined with black.
    I’d love to wear it out as decoration of otherwise understated outfits, for dancing, for fancy events or really whenever I feel like it. How could one not with such a pretty thing?

  70. For me this would definitely be something to wear under my normal clothes as my little secret, at least until I get braver! I am relatively new to your blog but I just love it. Thanks for all your awesome work!

  71. I’m really in love with the saffron/antique gold combination. As for where I would wear it? I think it would be lovely with a pencil skirt for a night out, or a loungy candlelit night in.

    Congrats on your first year!

    ~ K

  72. Ooh, raspberry lacing and black is so classic. Honestly, I’d probably wear mine over a turtleneck during the winter on a night out. Why not?

  73. I like the Ivory with Baby Blue Ribbon colors, very beautiful. I would incorporate it with some of my Cosplays for Conventions. ^_^ Congratulations on 1 year. Thanks for the giveaway. ^_^

  74. Ivory with the baby blue ribbon. I’m a sucker for light colors and anything blue but I would probably still like the pink and white one too (blue and pink are my favorite colors). I think I would wear it under my clothes semi regularly I love the shaping that a corset can give and maybe one day wear it outside my shirt maybe to a medieval faire or to rocky horror picture show :)

  75. Congratulations, I’ve loved reading your blog! I love love love the black and raspberry waspie, it’s beautiful!

  76. I would wear it to my law school graduation next summer. As a woman in her mid-30’s, I decided to buck the status quo and return to school to get my J.D. because it would make my world better. While I have grown exponentially, intellectually, I have had to trade in the time I used to spend on indulging myself for time in the library. However, upon graduation, I will be able to return to indulging myself in things I find sexy and fabulous lingerie is where I’m going to start!

  77. I would try to sum up my courage and just up and wear it to class over a nice shirt that I haven’t found the occasion to wear yet.

  78. I would choose black with raspberry ribbon and I would wear it to parties 😀 Especially one huge birthday party in September (several friends are going to have one birthday party because they all have birthdays close to each other). :]

  79. I’d get the black and red one, and try to pair it up with a blouse and some trousers, along with high heels, to wear to chic event or dinner with someone special. Nobody seems to wear corsets anymore where I live (only goths apparently) so I’d be prepared to amaze :)

  80. I would want the black with raspberry ribbon. I would wear it most anywhere I was in the mood – something special or just when I wanted to.

  81. ughhhhhhhhhhh can’t believe I missed this…but the most important thing is that you are starting your second year!!!!!! I’ve been following for about 6 months and love it…big huggggs and will definitely be there for next years drawing… :) Huggggggsss

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