Boutique and Lingerie Review: Kaori’s Closet

Narue japanese lingerie from Kaori's Closet

When I was writing my post on Asian lingerie, I was so intrigued by Japanese lingerie that I don’t understand why it took me so long to figure out that I could see some without even having to take a long flight! I recently reviewed the fitting techniques and lingerie at Japanese boutique Bradelis, but there is also adorable Japanese lingerie available at a second NYC boutique, Kaori’s Closet.

Kaori's Closet New York City Lingerie Boutique

Kaori’s Closet is a pretty boutique in SoHo that stocks lingerie from American and European brands, but it’s the Japanese lingerie they stock that I was most interested in. When I originally attempted to take photos, the manager stopped me, saying that the Japanese lingerie brands forbade any photos of their designs out of fear of Chinese copycats.

Kaori's Closet New York City Lingerie Boutique

After explaining about the blog, I did manage to get some photos for you– so savor them! The style of lingerie at Kaori’s Closet is even girlier and more decorative than the styles at Bradelis that there were even some that I thought would be too much for me.

Kaori's Closet New York City Lingerie Boutique

The styles above were some of my favorites that I ended up trying on. They were all pushup styles with removable padding (I requested to try without). Sizewise, a 75D worked the best for me, feeling approximate to my 32Cs.

Narue japanese lingerie from Kaori's Closet

I didn’t spot this set at first, but when I tried it on I fell in love with it. The fabric is such a light cotton that is perfect for summer– the insides of the cups are absurdly soft and comfortable. The brand is ‘Narue’; I don’t know much about the brand except for the fact that the company is Japanese (although it is made in China). I should also say that compared to many of the other Japanese sets available, this set was plain and understated, which should give you an idea of how frilly everything else was.

I love the attention to detail in this set. The dark pink contrast stitching in the buttons is one of my favorite embellishments that fit so well with the simple blue and white stripe and makes this set so sweet.

Narue japanese lingerie from Kaori's Closet

I bought the panties in a size L (Japanese) which is equivalent to an American medium. I wasn’t allowed to try on the briefs, but the shop assistant demonstrated the size by stretching them out for me (which actually worked!) and they were a really good size. Plus, they had an Anniversary sale where all Japanese bra purchases would receive the matching brief, so I certainly wasn’t going to turn them down.

I enjoyed my visit to Kaori’s Closet although it was a bit idiosyncratic. It’s the only place in NYC to buy the Japanese lingerie they have there and if you like Japanese lingerie, I would say to make sure to stop by. I don’t know exactly the size range that they stock, but in general they stock small sizes (Edit: someone who shops there regularly and wears a 34F says they sometimes have larger sizes! If you’re interested and in the area, I would check it out for yourself.) 

This lingerie set was purchased by me from Kaori’s Closet. All opinions my own. 

  1. I wish i’d have known this existed when i was visiting NYC, I’ve been fascinated with how adorable japanese lingerie is for some time!
    I love the set you picked up! There’s something so fresh about it.

  2. I’m absolutely in love with how much design and frill there is. It’s so cute and extravagant and puts me in mind of Rococo paintings and the girly mangas with excessive amounts of roses and bows.

  3. OMG I LOVE the pretty lingerie especially what looks to me to be a mint bra. 4th picture down… so cute!! I highly doubt they stock a 36DD though. If they did I would buy it in a heartbeat. <3

    • I wouldn’t say that they definitely don’t stock a 36DD– someone said that they shop there regularly and they sometimes have 34Fs for her! They don’t have an online store, so it’s hard to say what they would/wouldn’t have in stock.

  4. I visited Kaori’s Closet last January! Kay, the owner, was absolutely wonderful. My friend and I made it to the store after they had already closed, but she still let us in and still gave us her full attention while we shopped! I can’t wait to go back. The bras you tried on are so adorable. Seeing you write a review on this store made me so happy, Thank you!

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