Boutique and Lingerie Review: Bradelis New York

Bradelis New York Boutique Lingerie Review

I decided to visit Bradelis New York for two reasons: 1. Because I have been making an effort to get to know my local lingerie retailers and 2. I knew that they offered lingerie that would likely be good for smaller busts. Overall, I enjoyed both visiting the boutique and the unique products and experience that Bradelis offers. Look out for more boutique reviews soon, also!

Bradelis New York Boutique Lingerie Review

The boutique offers lingerie from a variety of brands from the United States and Europe, but I focused on trying the store’s Japanese brand, Bradelis. This is not a shop I would recommend to just anyone, because it caters to a very specific lingerie desire: i.e. the most push-up and cleavage available (which is a goal I noticed with other Japanese brands). They also have an extremely girly, frilly style that can give Victoria’s Secret a run for their money in the pink + lacy department.


I usually prefer sheer, delicate bras rather than those with a lot of powerful lifting and shoving, but I put that on hold for my Bradelis visit and did end up with a bra I really liked. Anything you think you might have known about ‘swoop and scoop’ pales in comparison to the flesh-molding technique of the fitters at Bradelis. Although the movement of the flesh was aggressive, I was asked permission adequately and didn’t feel like they were being overly pushy (literally). You can see that they actually give you instructions on how to put on your bra, panties and even shapewear, which is helpful if you aren’t familiar with their technique (although I have some doubts about those panties giving the support they claim).


There is no word to describe the level of padding in many of the bras other than intense. I fit into a 34E and 34DD at different points, due to the amount of fabric + foam in my bra. The bra I ended up getting was a 34C, which is what worked best without padding, and felt equivalent to my 32C bras. Unsurprisingly given that Japanese women are usually smaller than American ones, I found that both cup and band ran one size small. The panties are in American sizes, so I found the M fit well, although it’s always best to check whether it’s Japanese or American sizing. The size range that Bradelis carries is 30C-30DDD, 32B-34DDD, 36B-DD, but if you wear a 28-back I think you could definitely try the 30s, so this is a good (but not inexpensive) option for those usually in the 28C-30B range.


I tried on 3 or 4 black lace bras when I was in there and they were really lovely. Once you separate the black bras from the multi-colored others, they form a more wearable, grown up selection. Naturally, I didn’t end up buying a black bra (I am stubbornly impractical) and instead fell in love with this powder blue set.

The bra and panties are actually immensely comfortable. In my natural state I don’t have quite as much cleavage as after the shop assistants had at me, but I think it offers a very lovely shape under clothing. I also find that the cotton lining in the bra is a godsend in the heatwave we’ve been having, as sweat, sheer fabrics and delicate skin rarely go well together.


In many ways the mood and the designs have a very young feeling to them, which speaks to a particular niche. It also probably wouldn’t work well for anyone who prefers a simple, stream-lined look, or doesn’t view cleavage as an important goal.

The best part though was that I visited with a friend who had recently ended a relationship and she told me that the Bradelis bras made her feel great about herself, which is really the most gratifying thing to hear. That’s what lingerie is all about, isn’t it?

Disclaimer: I bought this lingerie set myself & all opinions are my own.

  1. I am so jealous! I’m full busted and Asian, so I really love the girly Japanese aesthetic but unfortunately they will never fit me :( These bras are totally up my alley.

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  4. Something I really like about this store is that they do alterations for free and right on the spot to get a customized fit. They’re really honest and nice about everything too.
    I’m kind of sized out of their range but I love their customer service. I need a 28 or 30 band but a higher cup than what they usually carry. They altered down a close cup size in a 32 band to get a 28/30 band fit.
    Even though most of their bras run small, I found that they have 2 really amazing full coverage/full cup bras that have a lot of depth for fuller cups girls with smaller backs. The rest seem to be fashionable demi bras.

    • Yeah, the alterations are an awesome addition! I definitely send anyone with a small back there because they do a great job with that.

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