Lingerie Review: Timpa Beige Bra and Briefs


There’s something you should know about me: I almost never make impulse lingerie purchases. Do I occasionally make poor decisions? Perhaps. But I like to mull over them for 24-48 hours before making anything final. Why am I saying this? Because this Timpa bra was the epitome of an impulse purchase. I went into Journelle the other day, just to browse around and see what was new, and this bra was so amazing that I just had to buy it right then and there.


I mentioned in my article about bras for small busts that I had heard great things about Timpa, but never tried them myself. Lindsay, the blogger at That Je Ne Sais Quoi, has been raving to me about them for months and I mistakenly failed to try this bra out myself.

It’s really such a small, flimsy little thing if you look at it. But what’s amazing about it is the shape the stretch lace can give. It even creates very gentle cleavage! I tried the 32C and it fit like a glove– those who prefer a more full coverage look will want to go up a cup size as the cups stretch only just over the fullest part of the bust. I’ve been finding that 32-bands are making me happier nowadays, so I’ve gravitation towards 32C rather than 34B most often.


What Timpa looks like under a t-shirt

The only disadvantage I can find is that the cups are not quite thick enough to completely prevent your nipples from showing in tight fabric. I would probably choose to invest in some breast petals if I was planning to wear this bra in professional situations. The color is not quite as subtle as my Chantelle t-shirt bra, but it blends totally with my skin when on.

What I love about Timpa’s extremely simple construction is that it really feels like it’s highlighting me, the person underneath. Being small-busted, it’s sometimes hard to find bras that don’t try to ‘correct’ your bust size or shape with molded or padded cups and it means a lot to find a bra that showcases what you have. At $36, this bra makes sense to me as a basic, and it’s likely the one I’ll turn to when I need another easy, cute bra, that makes me feel amazing.


I originally was going to try the M in the briefs, but the shop assistant warned me that they run small– I ended up getting the large and even these are certainly not generous! They do feel about a US6-8 in size. The elastic on the leg openings is a touch tighter than I prefer– not so much that it’s uncomfortable, but if you’re sensitive about that area I would definitely avoid them.

I wore the set all day at work and I was so, so happy with it. Because the lace is only just across the middle of my bust, I was afraid my boobs might escape, but I needn’t have worried, as all was secure.

I would highly recommend you try Timpa if you are small busted and looking for a basic bra that still makes you feel gorgeous. Happily, it also comes in tons of colors, so I will likely keep adding to my collection!

I purchased this set from Journelle. All opinions my own.

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  2. 1) I love your bra review posts!

    2) I am so jealous! I tried the 32C Timpa and found it delightful in every single way… except for the fact that the top edge of the cups *under* my nipples. Not exactly practical! It is such a challenge to find featherweight, barely-there underwired bras that honestly flatter a smaller, “shallower” bust. Your review makes me want to try again… or maybe see if it would be possible to get a 34C and then alter the band size down to fit… 😛

    • I’m so glad you like my reviews! I try to make them helpful & it’s great to hear that people actually benefit from them. I understand the ‘nipple’ issue– mine is *right* on the edge, so I’m sure it is often a problem. I would suggest trying a 34C and then altering the band; I’m actually planning to write a ‘how to’ post on that soon because that’s something a lot of people ask me about!

      • Oh, please do write a “how to” on band alterations! I bet that would really be a popular post – I know I’d love you for it! :) I have seen some instructions online, and though they claimed it was a fairly simple operation, they weren’t clear enough for my tiny, inexperienced brain. Clear photos definitely help.

        I think I will take the plunge and get myself a 34C. Even though I actually feel best in 30 bands, and might not work up the courage to take sharp objects to the bra immediately… the Timpa is the perfect summer bra!

  3. I love this bra! I have it in black and despite it being the wrong size for me (I have a 36C when I’ve discovered recently that I’m a 32D) it is so comfy! and surprisingly supportive! I never thought I’d like an unlined bra but this one proved me wrong. I totally recommend it to anyone.

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