Lingerie Review: Miss Mandalay Paris Bra and Briefs

Miss Mandalay Paris Miss Mandalay is one of those brands that fell in love with the instant I saw it. I love the simplicity and beauty of their shapes, which stands out from the rest of the (often frou-frou) full-bust market. My only disappointment was that I thought I would never get a chance to try it because they are a full-bust brand and I am far from full-busted. Luckily, through some internet investigation, I learned that they do in fact make a size that I wear: 32C. Unfortunately, 32C is not a very popular size in a full-bust brand, so I couldn’t find it anywhere!


Therefore, when Miss Mandalay reached out to me about a sample for review, I jumped at the chance. Especially because it was their stunning new blue color, which I fell in love with when I spotted it this year’s indie lingerie Love Bomb giveaway in February.

Before sending me the set, Miss Mandalay warned me that even in smaller sizes, their designs are created to suit the full bust customer, so I was a little concerned it wouldn’t work for me, even in my size. Happily, when I tried it on it worked really well!


Sizewise, the 32C was a good fit, with the 32 band feeling true to size. The cups were also well fitting, with a shape that worked reasonably well overall; however, because my breast tissue is shallow and spread out, the ribbon at the neck edge cut in ever so slightly. It wasn’t enough to be noticeable under clothing or to an untrained eye, so it didn’t bother me and I wasn’t motivated to try a larger size, but given that the ribbon has no stretch at the neck edge, I would be wary about trying Miss Mandalay if your breasts are extremely shallow or extremely full on top.


The mesh that the bra is made of is actually extremely soft and wearable. The seams of the bra are not very obvious, which makes it a good choice for everyday wear under many types of clothes. I found the knickers also very comfortable (I tried a size M), without the tight elastic problem of my Love Claudette knickers despite the extremely similar styles. (NB: Miss Mandalay has been making this style for 5 years! Love Claudette is the newbie on the scene). Although they also used thick elastic to match the bra, it has very little tension, which prevented my leg from being squeezed to death– strangely, I object to that! I wore the set twice and had no comfort complains– I would highly commend Miss Mandalay for a corresponding ease and wearability to match the loveliness of their styles.

The blue color is even more stunning in person and works really well on extremely pale skin tones like mine! I was really happy I got to try this bra and I would definitely think about purchasing another Miss Mandalay set if I see any 32Cs floating about.

If you’re interested in learning how Miss Mandalay fits in a larger cup size, check out these posts from lingerie blogger UndieGamer. Becky from Becky’s Boudoir also reviewed the same set!

Cobalt Blue Paris Bra and Knickers provided by Miss Mandalay for review purposes. All opinions my own.

  1. Ah what a beautiful bra! I believe you when you say the color suits your skin – I imagine this shade of blue looks amazing with your coloration. I’m also a fan of the simplicity (but nonetheless elegance) of the design.

  2. I remember you saying you loved this brand, it’s great to see you got a chance to try them! Miss Mandalay is one of my favorites and I’d love to see them more often in the U.S, they’re hard to find!! (BTW, MM makes cute frou frou matching panties but it’s forgivable, they say “I’m simple, but SASSY”)

    • The fact that they are so hard to find in the US is a travesty! I recommend them to all my full busted friends. And, yes, I know those knickers– and I love them! Paige is the younger, frillier sister to Paris :)

  3. Thanks so much for this review of our Paris lingerie set and have to say your images really pick up the brightness of the blue perfectly! So pleased too that you’ve reviewed a 32c, which is the smaller end of our cup size range. We’ve actually noticed a trend this year in sales on our C cup sizes, so we will be adding more C cups into new collections.
    If I also may say – We’ve heard a fair amount of comparison of our Paris range to the Love Claudette mesh range, but just wanted to add (as you’d mentioned it) that we’ve been running this Paris range now for 5 years in 16 mainly neon colours, so this look started with Miss Mandalay first! Hope you don’t mind us mentioning this, but it’s so important to our brand that we point this out. Thank-you again.
    Miss Mandalay x

  4. Love the blue color and clicked your hyperlink over to the Miss Mandalay site and discovered the ultraviolet set that is just divine as well. I love that the briefs have ruched backs as I love the feel and fit of the gathered bottom. I only wish more of my bras had matching panties as I enjoy the look of bras and panties all in one color.

  5. I love Miss Mandalay’s line! I haven’t purchased any of the lingerie yet, but I do have some of her swimwear and I love it! I bought the Boudoir Beach bikini in turquoise, it is sooo elegant and comfortable.

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