Does Luxury Lingerie Have a New Frontier? A Sneak Peek at 24 Carat Gold Lingerie From Rococo Dessous

Rococo Dessous
Now, you know that I’m no stranger to luxury lingerie– my love of beautiful lingerie far outstrips my budget on far too many occasions. But 24-carat gold lingerie? That is something I have never seen before and I just had to see what this new ultra-luxe lingerie from Rococo Dessous was all about.

What’s special about Rococo Dessous is that they use a patented process to apply the gold to thread that is then embroidered or woven into fabric of their pieces. This means that even though the lingerie is made with gold, it acts like regular fabric.
These photos are from the Rococo Dessous presentation where I could see the pieces in person. The designs were surprisingly understated for a line focused on using such an over-the-top and expensive material. The line includes bra and panty sets as well as loungewear, with a cream and gold line for bridal and a black and gold for all other occasions.


Although the basic pieces only include the gold lace, they can also be customized to include precious stones and other accessories if you think that your knickers lack that little bit of oomph that comes with having jewels dripping off of them. This is not a problem I personally have had, but Rococo Dessous definitely caters to the customer who wouldn’t be satisfied with what us mere mortals have to make do with.

Because they are so new, they have no stockists and I can’t give you an exact price for any of these items– but I can say that they are sure to be immensely expensive! I am looking forward to seeing whether gold lingerie takes off and if there is a real demand for Rococo Dessous. In the meantime we can also enjoy some pretty pictures :).

Would you ever want to try gold lingerie?

  1. Their lounge-wear looks so lovely! I love the luxurious look to them and how they tie their story in historic figures. Sadly I doubt I would ever be able to afford it. Maybe if I forgo a wedding dress and wear that pretty white slip instead?

  2. I really would love to know the price point on these – just because I’m nosy.

    The lingerie is lovely, but what I noticed most is that themodels are not airbrushed into smooth perfection. I LOVE that.

  3. I think it’s best if I assume I hate it, so I’ll never have to get mad at the fact that I am not able to afford it.

    Secretly, I loved the gold lace…

    • Well, $775 sounds like a bargain next to $5,000! I’m hoping they’ll come to a tradeshow this year and I can actually touch them (for some reason it’s awkward to touch lingerie when models are wearing it… :))

  4. Want to try gold lingerie? Sure! On the other hand I would love to pay 2-5 car payments. Honesty, I am not in the tax range that would qualify me to buy one babydoll but they are lovely and I am sure there will be a market for such extravagance. One can dream, can’t one?

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