Lingerie Review: Love Claudette Neon Dessous Bra and Briefs


This neon bra by Love Claudette is one that I’ve been lusting after since I first saw its neon gorgeousness in photos last year. I purchased this set after seeing it for sale on Zulily and I’m really excited to share this review with you because there are several sizing details and construction observations that I think will be helpful to others thinking of purchasing this set.

One of the most noteworthy things about Love Claudette, as well as their simple yet striking designs, is the wide range of sizes that they cover. At present, their size range covers cup sizes A-G (UK) and band sizes 30-38 and I know they are planning to expand even more. From research online and asking other bloggers, I found out that this bra runs a size larger in the band and one size smaller in the cup, meaning that I ordered this bra in a 32D instead of my usual 34B. This was a much improved size change, as it fit quite well– I definitely couldn’t have gone any smaller in the cup.


One thing that differentiates this bra from the bras I usually wear is that it was created primarily for full busts and then scaled down from there for smaller sizes. Although this does have an effect on the shape, the most noticeable difference was the use of an extra thick wire that was much stiffer than my usual bra wires.

The result of this thicker wire is that I actually began to understand why full-bust bras should be worn more tightly than core sizes because of the way full-bust bras are constructed. In general, I prefer to wear my bands as loosely as they can be while still feeling secure/not riding up, as it is better for the elastic not to be stretched more than necessary and my boobs are not heavy enough to need the additional support a tighter band would give. Everyone has their own preferences for how they like a bra to fit, but the way I am built means that this is what feels most comfortable to me.

Although I found the Love Claudette bra snug and it didn’t move around, I felt that there was something about the way the bra was fitting that didn’t seem quite right and that it had something to do with the wire shape. Once I compared the bra to one of my other bras with thinner wires though, I realized that the shapes were almost identical, so that couldn’t be the issue. What I found to be the problem was the fact that at the size that I was wearing, the band was not tight enough to give the wire the proper spring outward because it required much more force than my normal, thinner wires. In fact, if I wore some of my 34B bras as tightly as I would prefer to wear this Love Claudette bra, I would probably distort the wires.

Although I do like this Love Claudette bra, I think it would be improved by having the band shortened, an alteration I will likely attempt myself. When it comes to the briefs, I tried a size L, but I would probably prefer a size M next time. One flaw that I find in the briefs is that they use the same strong elastic that is used in the bra band, which is beautiful and great for consistency, but a can be a little  too strong for interaction with my squishy bits. I personally prefer relatively gentle or thin elastic in my knickers– sizing up to an L did not help this issue.

Note: the bands for this season (SS13) and going forward should fit true to size, rather than running large like this bra from AW12. That means that if I were to repurchase this bra in the current season’s colorways, I would still try a 32D.

This bra is from last season, so it’s not necessarily available in all sizes– you can buy it on sale from Faire Frou Frou.

  1. Great review. As I am making more and more bras, I’m paying attention to little fitting details that readers/other bloggers mention. So it was interesting to hear about how the tightness of the band affected the “spring” of the underwire. It was also interesting to read your opinion about the elastics used on both the undies and the bra. If I were making this set, I would use the same elastic for consistency but once I wore it, I would hate the too-tight elastic on my bottom half.

    • Yeah, I am noticing all of these details since I’ve been making bras too! a year ago I wouldn’t have realized why the elastic on the bottoms was bothering me. I hadn’t really considered the relationship between the tightness of the band and the underwire spring previously, but it is definitely something I notice now. You can also cut a pattern with a wider cup to force more of an underwire spring (I think), but I only know that theoretically, someone else would have to explain that properly.

  2. While I love the colors, and the sheer factor, I haven’t tried this brand since the fabric has such a stiff hand. It seems as if it would be really scratchy against the skin. What is your take on the fabric?

    • The fabric does feel a little rough when you touch it, but it doesn’t feel at all scratchy on the body. I know that they worked to make this season’s fabric softer than the one I tried, so if that fabric felt too stiff, I would definitely try some of this season’s colors.

      That being said, the time when I particularly notice scratchy fabric is usually in the cold, when my skin is more sensitive and goose-bumpy and since it’s been warm, I haven’t given the ultimate test.

  3. Interesting. I found Claudette wires to be much flimsier (though I didn’t consider thickness, to be honest) than Fantasie, etc. I wonder if the thickness is why the wires feel so comfortable to many?

    I also found the cups to be more crescent shaped overall and wider (though I didn’t have the Dessous at the time, to compare it with the other three) – which affected the fit more than any other factor. For me, the band wasn’t loose, but I am an odd fit, band-wise.

    The Dessous was insanely comfortable, once I found my correct Claudette size (which for me is also my Freya/Fantasie size). I didn’t purchase it because I need a bit thicker cup fabric – I’m just a bit too soft for the Dessous fabric; the Sophia Minx fabric gave me great shape, though.

    The Dessous is a great bra -sexy and different. The colors are fabulous.

    • Since I don’t wear full bust brands usually, it’s interesting to know the wires seemed flimsy compared to Fantasie– thickness is usually what contributes to flimsy/not flimsyness.

      So glad that Love Claudette worked so well for you! I tend to go for wider (rather than taller) wires myself, which is probably why this worked for me.

      • If you like wider cups, Claudette is definitely a brand to explore. I’ll finish up my reviews soon, and I compared three styles to each other -cups and straps. There is quite a bit of difference between styles, but the fit is consistent.

  4. This review doesn’t entirely surprise me – it’s one of the reasons that I’m so loath to buy from primarily full busted brands, even though they’re usually the only ones to make my size (30D) – the wires are nearly always too firm and often have a much narrower profile than my usual bras – they tend to fit, but I just don’t find them comfortable enough for every day wear!

    • Interesting– I totally get where you’re coming from with this bra, although WideCurves about even said these wires were flimsier than the ones she has from Fantasie!

      The thinnest wires I’ve tried are in Fifi Chachnil’s bras and I actually love them– so, so comfortable. But they only go down to a 32-band.

      • Well I’ve never actually tried Claudette so can’t comment on them, it was just something that I noticed with other full bust bras! I found the fit in Fifi’s bras pretty strange, don’t think their bras really suit me :( Though for thinnest and flimsiest wires, La Perla Studio win hands down – I have one bra where I can twist the bra into a spiral, it is THAT flexible.

      • Yeah, Fifi’s bras are a very particular shape– only suits a very shallow shape as far as I can tell.

        That sounds way way too flimsy! La Perla Studio is honestly THE WORST (for the price). I have never seen bras I wanted to tell people NOT to buy so badly.

      • If you want flimsier wires in a large cup line of try Freya half cups. Specifically half cups…I think the Gem and Totally Tartan half cups are very flimsy. For flimsier and crescent shaped I’d go Claudette.

  5. I have been really wanting to get this bra and underwear set but I am paranoid about the sizing! Also I am shallow breasted on top and fuller on the bottom and concerned there is too much fabric on the top… any thoughts?

  6. I love this bra like gangbusters but they don’t make a 30GG/H…otherwise I’d buy several. I have tried on other Dessous bras and the bands are super stretchy and the cup on the Dessous felt small…
    I’m glad others love it and can wear it though!

  7. I love how your knowledge and curiosity about construction is reflected in your reviews!

    In my experience it could also be the wire is flat vs round, the same gauge but flat means in can’t twist and move inside the casing as easily as the round uw. Also a small diff could be if a wire has a coating or not, that allows it to slide inside the casing too which helps make it more comfortable. Things to think of when looking at underwires 😉

    • In this case, it’s actually the wire that is physically thicker– it is a flat wire, but it’s much less bendy than my usual flat wires (I actually haven’t noticed round wires in any of my bras– but I’ll look out for it). Coating might make a different also. I’ll go on an underwire fact-finding mission!

  8. Hi! I’ve read a few of your posts, and I just wanted to mention (though I thought long and hard about it, because it looks like you have refuted similar advice before), it really seems as though you are probably wearing the wrong size regularly.
    I saw that you mentioned in a post before that you ‘couldn’t’ get into a smaller band than 34 (in a B) but since then saw a couple of posts where you are in a 32 or a 30 with a larger cup, and that your actual underbust is close to a 30? I really, really, highly recommend you visit, and use their tools to measure yourself and find your true size range. The reason you can’t get into a smaller band in a B is that the cup size is totally dependent on band size, and a 34B is not the same as a 302B just with a larger band. The cup size is totally different.
    I hope you won’t be offended, you seem lovely and I think this is a great blog, but it’s doing somewhat of a disservice to the ladies who are reading because you could be providing them with a great education in how to fit themselves into the correct sizes. I noticed lots of comments about people being a ‘B cup’ or an ‘F cup’ but cup sizes are totally dependent on the band size, so this means absolutely nothing and does not at all define breast size.

    • Hi Marbella! I’m actually very familiar with that reddit and with proper bra fitting techniques & determining whether your bra does/does not fit. I certainly know the difference between different cup/bra sizes and if I’ve ever referenced a cup without a band size I was certainly in error. I know I have talked about being a ‘B’ cup rather than an ‘A’ cup (without bands) because of the psychological meaning of those letters, but that had nothing to do with the actual size.

      Just because I can fit into a 32 or a 30 band in different brands doesn’t mean that I don’t usually wear a 34-band– as I’m sure you know, many brands come in different sizes!

      If you think that me wearing a 34B is a disservice to other women, I don’t know what to say. Lingerie is about more than bra size and just because bra fit is not the central purpose of my blog does not mean that I am suggesting that women wear the incorrect bra size.

      There are many wonderful bra fit blogs out there– this is not one of them.

      • Hi, thanks for your response!
        I think I didn’t explain myself clearly. When I mentioned that, I was talking about other people’s comments on some of your posts referring to themselves as a ‘B’ or ‘F’.

        I didn’t at all mean that wearing the size you feel fits you best is a disservice to other women. What I meant was that you have an awesome blog here, showcasing beautiful lingerie, and when women read it, it would be brilliant if you might use your platform to educate them a little on how sizes work, because they are looking to you for information as somewhat of an expert on lingerie.

        Specifically, I was referring to a comment you made here: on the fact that you can’t fit into a 32A or 32B because the band won’t close – of course not, since at 34B your breast tissue won’t fit into a cup size with 80-150 cubic cm less space ( so where does the breast tissue go – into the band space, and it won’t do up. I concluded that if you knew about how sizing works you would have mentioned that there, since that’s pretty confusing to someone who doesn’t understand how fit works.

        Reading that post and the comments that came up made me think that was something that interested you in discussion. I hadn’t realised that you wanted to stay away from fit completely though – my apologies. I think it would be great though if when issues like that come up you could link people to something like the ABTF subreddit – even if it’s not something you want to focus on, I’m sure you’d like your readers to know how it works.

        My apologies if I came across as rude, it was not my intention! Thanks for your writing.

      • Thanks– I know you didn’t mean to be rude, it’s just a topic I’ve had other people bring up to me. I prefer to leave fitting advice to experts– I do plan to add a ‘fitting resources section’ though as I know a lot of people ARE looking for that advice.

      • That’s a great idea, that would be brilliant! It’s so hard to convey tone on the interwebs :)

  9. I own this set in this exact color, and I love it! I took my regular 34C and size L bottoms though. I also enjoy how your knowledge of lingerie construction is informing what you write about in your posts.

  10. When I heard on The Lingerie Buyer that Claudette were set to introduce 28 bands, I contacted the brand’s Director Bok Goodall to express my excitement. It’s always refreshing to hear of companies who have my size; I never fail to be impressed by new companies venturing into smaller band sizes, especially ones that are so unique and exciting like Claudette !

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  12. I truly love the Claudette Dessous lines in neon. At first when I wore them I felt maybe they were too stiff. Than I realized I was getting proper support and now that I am accustomed to how proper lingerie feels like these as well as my Pleasure State Couture bras are my ‘go to’ bras for everyday wear. I own the black, blue and green in the dessous. The black mesh was softer but has started to ‘spider’ along the panels where the green and blue are harder but still like I bought them yesterday after over a year of continual wear.

    The briefs I am torn on. I bought the brief and thong in each color except the blue where I bought 2 briefs instead. The black brief is fine because the mesh is softer but for the blue and green it isn’t the most flattering and yes, the elastic IS too hard which is NOT flattering for those of us with a larger derriere. Quality control depends on both design and quality of fabric and may not be the greatest fit for everyone but it def works for me. I hope to get the papaya and camo sets before they sell out.

  13. Everything seems to be sized smaller. I normally wear a 34C and Medium panties but seem to be having to order a size Large or Extra Large in some brands. It seems lots of brands run a little small or I run big… Size 6-8 typically. I seemed to have the best luck with Hot Spot’s stuff. At least they ship fast and discreet. I don’t like it when my elderly neighbors stare at me when I get my packages. has been good to me. Anybody know of any sites like theirs that have fast shipping that i don’t have to pay like $8 to ship a pair of $7 panties?

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