Corset Review: Angela Friedman Pink and White Waspie


This pink and white waspie from Angela Friedman is just the cutest thing I have ever owned and I want to wear it everywhere. It’s cute and saccharine and perfect- a true fairy princess corset.


I’ve never owned a corset before– even a baby one like this waspie (I like to think of it as my starter corset). I admit I was very excited and slightly nervous when I first tried it on and it was lucky Angela was there to lace it up for me. Although now I’ve taken it off and on a few times I feel very comfortable with it and I just want to wear it all the time.


I love the way it cinches my waist in– it’s only a little bit, but it definitely adds to the hourglass illusion, which is not really a shape I am naturally. I’m wearing a size L and I find it extremely comfortable, although I have not yet had the chance to wear it for a very extended period of time (until today, the weather still hadn’t quite cottoned onto this whole ‘spring’ concept). The height is perfect for standing or sitting comfortably and the steel bones make me feel like I’m getting a very pretty, pink hug.

I have to say, it makes me wonder why anyone ever makes lingerie pieces like waspies and waist cinchers with plastic boning because I’ve worn them and they can be extremely annoying– this is far, far more comfy, as well as keeping its shape properly.


I got to choose what colors I wanted the waspie to be and it was a very difficult choice– I like so many colors that narrowing it down is almost too hard! I love the pink though and I think it’s going to be perfect for spring and summer, as well as going very well with all my pink lingerie. Now I just want it in nautical navy and white and black with cream and red with pink… is that too much, do you think?


Do you like it? Would you wear a waspie as a ‘starter corset’? Do you like the pink and white combination?

This was not a gift– I received this corset as payment for renting Angela a space for a photoshoot. I always like to be upfront about disclosures, even if there is nothing to disclose :)

  1. I have wanted to get a waspie for a while, I own five steel-boned corsets but for everyday wear they tend to be a bit ‘over the top’. I like wearing corsets to the orchestra or opera and seeing the shocked looks of people as I walk by. 😀 My concern previously with waspies was a lack of durability… but it looks like she has certainly taken care of that. The waspie looks lovely on you. :-)

    • Thank you! I think this is a very beautiful, easy waspie choice (as well as being extremely solid and well made)– definitely a little unusual, but not over the top for ordinary wear.

  2. I’ll be very interested to know how you feel about this piece after you wear it for a prolonged time that involves different activities such as walking, seating, eating, dancing, etc.
    Also, how does it feel against your bare skin as opposed to being worn over another garment?

  3. Oooh, I’ve wanted a waspie for ages. I got my first good/properly fitted corset as a Valentine’s Day present and it’s one of my favorite things to wear, I wish I could just wear it everywhere! Its a gorgeous brown and gold brocade affair with brass buckles, but sadly it’s a little tallish on my petite torso so I can’t quite lounge in it.
    The cute pink suits you so well! Can’t wait for the next corset review.

    • Thank you so much! I find the waspie a good height because I am pretty petite also. Your corset sounds awesome! I need it to get warmer so I can wear the waspie all day and give it a full ‘wear’ test.

      • I wore mine around a good bit right after getting it over a white button-up, and felt terribly cute, although I imagine I live in a slightly warmer climate than you do. The corset didn’t even leave marks on my tummy, and I lace tight!
        Also, I agree with you, steal boning is way more comfortable than plastic. Other than it being cheap I can’t understand why anyone would use it in production.

  4. This looks really fabulous on you! I’m a big fan of the waspie- it’s definitely easier to wear outside of the house than a full corset and is also very flattering to smaller busted women (like myself). I love the idea of a nautical waspie. Have you considered a gold coloured one? I think it would look amazing over a simple black dress.

  5. Yay! That’s a beautiful piece; very versatile and allows a lot of mobility, as you mentioned. It’s gorgeous paired with that white gown – makes you look so ethereal. You made a lovely choice. :)

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