Spotlight on Gorgeous, Supportive Swimwear for Full Busts

Despite not being full-busted myself, I know that the search for good full bust swim choices can be a challenge. That being said, there are actually a wealth of gorgeous swim options out there for ladies DD+ and I want to spotlight some of my favorites.

Also– if you’ve had any good/bad experiences with any brand, feel free to jump in and let me know!

fringe bikini

ASOS Fringed Fuller Bust Plunge Bikini Top D-F $26.60

When I first laid eyes on this ASOS swimsuit, I knew it had to go on this list. The incredible color and the fringe just make me thrill with excitement. I also kind of love how it breaks all of the ‘busty swimwear rules’ that say that you must never wear an embellished top to draw attention to your bust– I say, screw the rules and wear this gorgeous bikini. Size range: 30D-34G.

Freya Swim Sunset Boulevard Underwired Banded Halter Bikini Top ($52) and Brief ($42)

I find yellow a very difficult color to wear, but this Freya bikini is too cute to ignore. Tiny polka dots and frills are my weaknesses and I’ve heard excellent things about Freya’s swimwear. Size Range: 28DD-28H, 30D-36H, 38D-G

ASOS Longline Padded Contrast Fuller Bust Bikini Top D-F ($29.93) and Brief ($19.95)

What I love about ASOS’s swim range for full busts is that they are doing what no other brands are: being bold and different. That’s why I chose this cool, graphic, longline bikini— I love its attitude. Size range: 30D-34G


This Comexin bikini is the only one on this list that also comes in my size (34B), so I am dying to get my hands on it. The pattern is so sweet and retro–if you didn’t notice, there are beads that look like cherries in the middle. This also has an awesomely large size range! Definitely a swim must-have. Size range: 60C-60L, 65B-K, 70A-J, 75A-HH, 80A-H, 85B-H, 95C-E

Freya Swim Magic Soft Cup Triangle Tankini Top ($56) and Brief ($21)

I am a big fan of the tankini when it doesn’t look frumpy, and this is a perfect example of one done well. This is soft cup, for those of your who don’t like wires in swimwear and it has awesome white mesh trim, which I think is such a lovely, sporty detail. Size range: 30D-38G

Freya Hello Sailor Print Sweatheart Padded Bikini Top $63.18

This is another Freya suit (I know, there are a bunch here, but they’re so pretty!). I chose it because of the nautical stripes, which is one of my favorite styles, and the addition of the interesting white dots. What a cool pattern, right? Size Range: 30D-36I

Zoggs Wyomi V Neck D-G Swimsuit $60

Although my picks so far have been pretty girly, I wanted include a sporty style such as this Zoggs one-piece. Navy and white is a classic combination and this is definitely a good choice for those of you who prefer intense swimming to simply splashing about. Size Range: 30D-40G

Panache D-G Tallulah Bandeau Bikini Top ($53.20) and Bottom ($27.53)

I really like this Panache bikini because it’s floral, but an unexpected floral. The gray and pink design is unusual and appealing– I would definitely view this as a sophisticated choice for the beach. Size Range: 30D-38I

Pour Moi D-G Check Mate Underwired Bikini Top ($39.90) and Brief ($29.95)

It’s Gingham Style! (Yes, I did just make a gingham/Gangnam joke.) Gingham is one of my favorite patterns because it is so simple and sharp and pretty. This Pour Moi bikini also stands out because the shape of the cups looks really great. Size Range: 32D-38I

Elomi Isis High Waisted Bikini Bra ($72) and Brief ($5)

This set may seem simple, but I love the idea of these Elomi super high-waisted briefs— I think it is unusual and a little bit retro in the best way. With a size range that bigger than the rest on the list, this is the only truly ‘plus size’ set I’ve listed. If people are interested though, I might do a plus size only swim guide! Size range: 36E-36H, 38DD-44H, 46DD-GG


What do you guys think? Would you try these out? Have I neglected to include some truly wonderful swimwear? Leave it in the comments. 

  1. Love this list! I’m obviously obsessed with the Comexim (which has funky sizing, by the way, so a Comexim K is a UK GG), but I also really love the yellow Freya halter. I think I look pretty good in yellow, especially when I’m tan, so I would love to get my hands on that! I tried it in the blue gingham pattern last year and it gave a good shape without too much coverage (because who needs weird tanlines?)

      • The sizing might be a bit weird for for the standard british customer but it is actually quite simple! I would say it’s the standard continental european sizing – so instead of double letters we just go on with the next letter :P.
        Brands like Triumph, Ulla, Anita and probably most of the polnish brands use this system (btw. I’m not talking about french brands they definetly have a funky sizing!)

      • I wouldn’t say Comexim sizing is complicated. They have precise instructions which should help you find your size. Actually every polish brand has its own sizing. The difference is usually one size in a cup or band.
        Also women sized D+ have to take into consideration that most polish brands don’t make double lettered cups (DD, FF, GG, HH).

  2. I’ve tried ASOS’s fuller bust bikini’s, and I need to go up about 2 cup sizes, although they don’t make them above an F cup, the one’s I’ve tried run small. And as for the ASOS bikini’s where the size is just [Bandsize]DD-F, which I naively tried, they seem to be a DD/E cup.

    And I have 2 Freya’s, the Kansas and Pier in red, same cut as Sunset Boulevard, they’re a tad small too, but with bikini’s I’d rather they be a bit small personally, gaping is not cool. They’re the best I’ve found bikini-wise so far, would be nice if they had a little bit of padding though, it’s all ‘Nipples Ahoy’ as soon as I get out of the pool…

    • It’s too bad that the ASOS bras run small! That seems like it would be a pretty limited size range then.

      ‘Nipples Ahoy’ is a great phrase for an issue I have also dealt with– unlike bras, which I like sheer, swimwear is better a bit thicker!

      • Yeah, ASOS do some nice stuff, and cheap too! But a fuller bust range that ends at F? Psht. I like all my boob wear to be lined, I feel a bit naked in sheer cups, as pretty as they are!

  3. Great pics! Another nice feature of the Elomi swimwear is that the bra top is designed to be worn under other swimsuits. Of course, Elomi hopes you’ll shell out the $$$ for their products, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t purchase the bikini top only and find the rest of the suit at another retailer.

  4. I actually have the Hello Sailor from Freya and I tested it out a couple weeks ago at a local spa. I really loved the way my boobs were under control for the first time in my life while swimming 😀 Plus the design is so cute and pin-up-like.

  5. As a 32G(uk) I was about to cry because I’m not “plus-size” enough for that Elomi top, when I realized it’s plain black!! I’ll buy the Amazing briefs and find a black top elsewhere :) my bottom is definitely plus size enough lol

  6. Ah, I see you listed all the sizes in US sizing… I was like “what the hell is a 38I” and then I realized what the difference was. Tallulah goes up to a 38J and I shall make her mine.


    • Yeah, I should have specified ‘US’– I’m not as well-versed in the different sizing systems because I don’t deal with them that often, but I need to start getting it all straight.

      I hope you and Tallulah are very happy together! :)

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