My Spring Lingerie Wishlist

Every season I think of some excuse to make a list of the lingerie I would most like to have in my collection– spring weather and lighter clothing is what is inspiring this one. Usually, my wishlists include pieces that are way too much for my meager pocketbook, and this is no exception. But a girl can dream, right?

Gilda and Pearl Bonbon Kimono £179.00

Ever since I saw images of this Gilda and Pearl robe in August, I have been in love with this gorgeous coral robe. I love the kimono sleeves and the wonderful sheer fabric. Could there be a more spring-like robe, honestly?

Bordelle Lady Citron bodice bra £200

Lady Citron bodice bra £200

Bordelle is a brand that I have been dying to try since I first got interested in lingerie and the Lady Citron bodice bra is one of their most stunning. I love the rows of hooks in the back and I would love to wear it with a backless dress.

Mimi Holliday Exotique bra and bow thong £55.00 & £37.00

This darling Mimi Holliday set is just about girly perfection isn’t it? I’m not one for flower prints usually, but these classic roses are just so sweet I could not and would not say no.

Sparklewren Limited Edition Sheer Waist Cincher £450

This waist cincher by Sparklewren has been around for a few years and my need for mit has steadily grown over time. The sheerness and the gold lace are so incredibly beautiful, I would certainly treasure it. The fact that it’s ‘Limited Edition’ keeps making me frightened that it will sell out before I can get one myself! At £450, it’s a bit outside my budget right now, but a girl can hope.

Made by Niki Peplum Bra (£109), Peplum Suspender Belt (£89), Bustle Brief (£89)

The Made by Niki ruffle set is adorably perfect in every way. I swear, the longer I look at it, the more I want to dance around and setting all the ruffles bouncing.

Kriss Soonik € 139.00

This beautiful Kriss Soonik fishnet body is such a wearable, sexy and fashion-forward piece. I would love to layer it over some of my cool black strappy bras or a tank. I think the unusual combination of fishnets and puff sleeves is what makes this bodysuit so darn irresistible.

Fifi Chachnil Babyloo Calamity €198,00

I am still obsessed with Fifi Chachnil Babyloos. Isn’t this blue gingham the perfect color for spring? I would totally wear this on the beach alone or as a cover-up because it’s so sweet and joyful.

HoneyCooler Handmade Bunnie Deco Camisole $190

You know how I feel about bunnies right? (Hint: they are perfect and fluffy). This lace insertion camisole from Honeycooler Handmade is perfect for Easter (if you celebrate) or life in general (if you just love bunnies). Definitely

What Katie Did Hollywood Camiknicker, $110

This What Katie Did eau-de-nil camiknicker is something I’ve been obsessing about for months. Why is it so pretty? Why it is the perfect color? Why don’t I have it right now? Mysteries all.

Claudette Dessous Underwire Bra $65.28 and Brief $22.04

Pink Lemonade is my favorite spring drink– especially if it’s pink because it’s strawberry lemonade! This pink Claudette set is clearly ideal for the entire warm season, when I always recommend matching lingerie to your preferred beverage.

What do you think of my spring wishlist? Is there anything gorgeous and springlike that I shouldn’t included? What’s on your wishlist?

  1. Good grief, these are all amazing. The camiknicker and the Made by Niki set are so unusual and wonderful and perfect. Just like, as you rightly point out, bunnies.

    • Leaving bunnies off this list would be a travesty. I like having others to sigh over pretties so we can lean on each other in the emotional difficulty of not being able to HAVE IT ALL.

      • The more I see from Honeycooler Handmade, the more obsessed I become. I’m going to have to custom order a cami at some point.

  2. I would wear everything on this list to death. Impeccable choices and needless to say you’ve got me dreaming too!


  3. These are all fine choices, and I really like the What Katie Did eau-de-nil camiknicker. As to your questions regarding this particular item, I think what makes it so unique is how versatile, comfortable, and relatively affordable it is.
    And speaking of, my very recent spring acquisition contain these two items:


    Both prove to be extremely comfortable and versatile. Just be aware that the La Perla chemise may be a tad on the larger size, so you may want to order a size smaller than your usual one.

  4. I love anything Mimi Holliday touches! I also always love the Claudette colorways, but I have to say, the one Dessous bra I have (in gorgeous American Nude, which is a perfect nude for ladies with darker skin and a lovely burnt caramel that pops on lighter skin) is made of mesh that’s rather rough, considering its price tag.

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