Dressing Your Boudoir: Beautiful, Lingerie-Inspired Decor

When I say “Lingerie-Inspired Decor” I do not mean pillows in the shape of bras– I like to think we can get a wee bit more sophisticated. These are all pieces that create a boudoir atmosphere: luxurious, sensual, and maybe a little spoiled. Below I’ve listed all the items I wish I had in my dream boudoir:

‘Is it Love’ Limited print framed with mat / STAVRONIKITA PROJECT $175.00

This series of photos by Andreas Franke is part of his “The Sinking World” series and is inspired by and exhibited on the sunken ship the SS Stravronika. The lush underwater life on the sunken SS Stavronika reminded him of the overabundance of Rococo, which is why the whole series plays out like the French court at Versailles. I am absolutely in love with the series and I would love to get a print ($175 is the most affordable option). Is it any surprise the one above is my favorite?

Caitlin Shearer ‘Sweet Dreams’ pillow case $30

Caitlin Shearer is one of my favorite illustrators and it only seems fitting that she would make some wonderful lingerie pillows. I love all the sassy ladies in lingerie– ideal for a bed or divan.

Frou Frou Marabou Powder Puff

These marabou powder puffs from Faire Frou Frou might be smaller than the other items I’ve suggested, but might be even more perfect for adding that final touch to a boudoir. They really should have pride of place on a vanity table!

Vice Poppy Playground • Sheet Sets, $99.00 – $235.00

I find these Vice sheets utterly irresistable: the combination of the girly pink with flowers and surprisingly provocative semi-nude ladies makes this pattern both cute and winkingly naughty.

Malika Favre Alpha Pin-ups, £95.00

There is everything to love about this poster by Malika Favre: the sharp illustration style, the alphabet, the ladies cavorting with one another. When I have somewhere I can decorate entirely as I like, I shall definitely want to include this poster.

Tsurubride Kate Embroidered Wall Hanging $150

This gorgeous embroidered wall hanging by Tsurubride is so interesting and intimate, it’s a perfect boudoir piece. Is it weird if I say the glasses are my favorite part? But they really are. The rest of her work is awesome also.

There are so many other pieces I’m sure I could add– I’m woefully low on furniture and such. If you’ve found other cool pieces, please leave a link in the comments! I will be adding new finds to my Pinterest board For My Boudoir.

  1. I so want those pillowcases! My fiancé would probably not be so happy about it though. I love seeing pictures of other designer’s perfect sewing rooms with pieces hung on the walls, my own sewing space is an ‘organised mess’, but I’d still love to have a beautiful vintage corset or two hanging on my wall somewhere as decor :)

    • I am still ‘in transition’ so I haven’t really been able to decorate a room all my own– but I’d love to be able to put up pretty things (and pillows can definitely be used for chairs and sofas– not just beds, if your partner objects!)

  2. I absolutely cannot handle how awesome the “Is It Love” print is. I’ve been coming back to look at it all day. That is hands-down on the top of my list for when I win the lottery and it’s time to Make My Apartment Fancy.

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