Who Knew a Lingerie Tradeshow Could Be So Awesome? FW 2013 Highlights from CurveNY


Although I am still exhausted from last weekends lingerie activities, I still wanted to give you all my report on some of the fantastic stuff I saw at the CurveNY tradeshow when I went on Monday. In the interest of not boring you to tears, I didn’t include every single brand I saw, but only the highlights that you might not otherwise have seen or I think you really need to know about for FW2013.

Kitten Kouture


When Franceska of Kitten Kouture tweeted me to come by her booth at CurveNY, I didn’t know what to expect– her brand is so new I had only seen one photo so I wasn’t even sure what her designs would be like! But I definitely was going to stop by because she reached out to me and whatever I was expecting, it certainly was NOT the complete love I had for her designs.


The mix between a retro inspiration and modern accents really made me fall in love with her designs. The collection had a point of view and a sense of humor which I really appreciated, with some great color combinations and lovely lace. It’s also important to note that many of her designs go from a B to an F-cup! Current back sizes are 32/34/36.


I am so glad I got to see her gorgeous bras and panties and I hope that I’ll be seeing some over here in NYC because I’m dying to try it for myself!

NOE Undergarments


Although their booth did catch my eye, it was Franceska from Kitten Kouture who pulled me over to make sure I took a closer look. The label is designed and produced in California and it has that graphic, breezy West Coast look to it, which I am very attracted to.


The adjustable t-back of the chemises and bodysuits was one of my favorite features and there was a clear attention to detail when it came to the hardware, which always makes me happy.


The soft bra with the triangle stitching also seemed like a great idea for small-busted women who like to wear soft bras but also want nipple coverage. Such a cool, new brand! And in case you were wondering, the name ‘NOE’ rhymes with ‘joy’ :)

Felice Art Couture


Felice Art Couture looks amazing in photos, but really is a brand that can be appreciated even more in person. Being able to feel the texture and weight of the materials and the light glinting off the beading really gives you a sense of the opulence of their lingerie.


In a moment of silliness, I forgot to get a proper photo featuring the faux fur shrugs they have for next season and that I already have decided that I need. They are honestly the perfect boudoir accessory for anyone for whom lounging is a glamorous activity. Plus, you can always take it out of the bedroom for any fancy nights on the town.



Huit is a brand that season after season comes out with beautiful designs that manage to both be classic and stylish. They have such a French point of view and I’ve found their products consistently comfortable. The only thing to keep in mind is that the bands stretch out quickly, so make sure you go for the snuggest option– I actually learned that their sample size is now a 32C not a 34B anymore, which definitely makes me curious to see how the 32C fits me.


Because it is sadly difficult to find in the US, you may not know that Huit makes absolutely gorgeous swimwear. I hate when a brand I love does swimwear which just doesn’t fit with the lingerie collection that got me interested in the first place. With Huit the synergy is perfect and I love the new collection– especially the buttons!



I have been sadly unfamiliar with Fauve’s usual offerings because I am not as immersed in the full-bust market as I clearly should be! So much cute stuff for the coming season, especially this ice blue embroidered set. Love!



I didn’t get the full rundown of the new Elomi collection because full bust/plus size lingerie isn’t the focus of my blog, but I did think this new set with the Art Deco print was absolutely fabulous and should be featured front and center! I think Elomi is the plus size lingerie brand that is doing the best job at doing interesting and beautiful styles and I really commend them for it.



Interrupting to say this fan bra is wonderful! If this was my size, I would definitely try my hardest to get my hands on it– I love the Art Deco pattern and the subtle colors. I hope all of you Freya lovers will be wearing this one come fall.

Which of my highlights is your favorite?

  1. I wish I’d gotten to see more of Huit while I was there, both the lingerie and the swimwear. I just ADORE every single piece of theirs I’ve seen. Loved the pieces you show!

  2. Cool report. BTW, am I the only one who looked at the first Kitten Kouture bra and thought it was something Barbara Gordon would wear? ; )

    • Thank you so much, that’s good to hear! I was very confused about how to pronounce it, but they set me straight immediately– it sounds so much happier rhyming with joy! Also, it was so fun meeting you in NYC, I will be sure to go visit Faire Frou Frou if I’m in CA soon.

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  4. Oh my! So pretty! So excited with all of the new designs and colors from everyone. 2013 is going to be a great year in lingerie!

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